• MacNeily, Andrew Eaton

    Investigator, BC Children's Hospital
    Head, Pediatric Urology, BC Children's Hospital
    Professor, Department of Urologic Sciences, University of British Columbia
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    Primary Area of Research
    Evidence to Innovation
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    Rhonda Finkbeiner
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    BC Children's Hospital

    Room K0-134
    4500 Oak Street
    Vancouver, BC V6H 3N1

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    Research Areas
    • Care of children with urological conditions
    I am a clinical researcher who specializes in research related to the urinary tract in both genders and the genital tract in the male.
    Current Projects

    Steinbok P, Gartner H, MacNeily AE, and working group: Clinical trial on dysfunctional voiding, and tethered cord, in the presence of a normally located conus medullaris. Urological consultant for multi-centre randomized trial involving neurosurgical treatment for refractory pediatric dysfunctional voiding and incontinence. Protocol in progress Sept. 2003 - 2005.  

    Hoag C, Elterman 0, MacNeily AE: Does presentation at the annual AUA meeting translate into peer reviewed publications? 2004-2005.

    Stothers I, Grady R, MacNeily AE: Double-blind, multi-centre, randomized placebo­ controlled trial of cranberry products in the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections in children. Funding applied for from BC Medical Services Foundation 2004-­2005.

    Selected Publications
    Afshar K, MacNeily AE.: Strengths and Pitfalls of Meta-Analysis Reports in Vesicoureteral Reflux. Adv Urol. 2008; Art ID 295492.

    Welk BK, Afshar K, Rapoport D, MacNeily AE.: Complications of the catheterizable channel following continent urinary diversion: their nature and timing. J Urol. 2008 Oct;180(4 Suppl):1856-60.

    Mickelson JJ, Macneily AE, Samarasekera D, Beiko D, Afshar K.: Competence in pediatric urology upon graduation from residency: perceptions of residents, program directors and pediatric urologists. Can Urol Assoc J. 2008 Jun;2(3):205-10.

    Cochrane DD, King C, Beauchamp R, MacNeily A.: Spasticity in Spina Bifida. In: Ozek M, Cinalli G, Maixner WJ, eds. The Spina Bifida: Management and Outcome. Verlag Springer, Milan, May 2008. Ch 24,p.281-95.

    Rapoport D, Secord S, MacNeily AE: The Challenge of Pediatric Continent Urinary Diversion J Ped Surg In press accepted Feb 2005
    MacNeily AE, Morrell J, Secord S: Lower Urinary tract reconstruction in spina bifida: Does it improve Health Related Quality of Life? J Urology In Press accepted Feb 2005
    Walker M, Aronson KJ, King W, Wilson JWL, Fan W, Heaton JPW, MacNeily AE, Nickel JC, Morales A: Dietary patterns and risk of prostate cancer in Ontario Canada. Int.J. Cancer 2005 (in press accepted jan 2005)
    Teichman J, Matsumoto E, Smart M, Smith AE, Tongco W, Hosking D, MacNeily AE, Jewett MS Personal Finances of Residents at three Canadain Universities. Can J Surg 2005 Feb;48(1):27-32
    Dionne JM, Carter JE, Matsell D, MacNeily AE, Morrison KB, deSa D: Renal Leyomyoma in a Pediatric Transplant Patient Am J K D In press accepted Jan 2005
    Morrison, MacNeily AE: Core competencies in Surgery: Assessing the goals of Urology residency training in Canada . Can J Surg In press accepted Dee 2004
    McCracken J, MacNeily AE, Mueller D, Magee F: Paratesticular A VM: Radiologic and Pathologic correlates Pediatric Radiology Nov, 2004
    Morrison, MacNeily AE: Core competencies in Urology: What are they, and how are they best taught? British Journal of Urology International 2004, Nov 94(7) 969-70
    Eng MK, MacNeily AE, Alden L: The Urological Personality: Is it Unique? Can J Urology 2004; 11 (5) 2322-2327

    Nazif 0, MacNeily AE: Bladder agenesis with single system ectopy: management of a challenging problem Can J UroI 2004;11(2) 2220-2222

    MacNeily AE, Baverstock RJ, Cole G: Quantitative assessment of a new preparatory tool for Board Certification in Urology. Br J Urollnt. 200493(4) 558-461
    Honours & Awards
    Association for Surgical Education (ASE) Outstanding Teacher Award – 2004-2005
    First prize, Resident Research (Rapoport D, Secord S, MacNeily AE ), Western Section American Urological Association – 2004
    First prize, Clinical Research (Morrison KB, MacNeily AE), Canadian Urological Association Prize Essay – 2004
    Second Place , Resident Clinical Research ( Morrison KB, MacNeily AE), North West Urological Association Annual Meeting – 2003
    First Prize, Clinical Research (Baverstock RJ, MacNeily AE, Cole G, Morales A), Canadian Urological Association Prize Essay – 2003
    First Prize, Resident Clinical Research (Morrison KB, McLean NJ , MacNeily AE ), NWUS annual meeting – 2002
    First Prize, Best Faculty Presentation ( MacNeily AE, Nguan C, Haden K, Goldenberg SL) , UBC Dept of Surgery Research Day – 2002
    UBC Dept of Surgery: AD Forward Postgraduate Faculty Teaching Award – 2002
    UBC Division of Urology: Outstanding resident teacher award – 2001-2002
    First Prize, Best Poster (MacNeily AE, McFarlane JK, Finley RJ), 56th annual CUA meeting – 2001
    UBC Division of Urology: Outstanding resident teacher award – 2000-2001
    PAIRO (Professional Association of Interns & Residents of Ontario ) Ontario Provincial Clinical Educator's Travel Award for resident teaching excellence ­ 1997
    Research Group Members
    B. Welk – Urology resident
    K. Af shar – Urology resident