• Ludemann, Jeffrey


    Investigator, BC Children's Hospital
    Clinical Professor, Division of Otolaryngology, Department of Surgery, University of British Columbia

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    ENT Clinic, BC Children's Hospital
    Room K2-183
    4480 Oak Street
    Vancouver, BC V6H 3V4

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    • Choking prevention
    • Pediatric airway

    I am a clinical researcher who specializes in research related to ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgery in children.

    A special area of interest is promoting a choking prevention campaign, which examines the causes of choking (foreign body aspiration and caustic ingestion) and offers education to caregivers and health care professionals.

    Current Projects
    Selected Publications

    Jasinovic T, Thamboo A, Scheepers L, Osiovitch H, Ludemann JP. Best Management of Ultra-Small Tracheobronchial Foreign Bodies in Neonates. Int J Ped Otorhinolaryngol,Volume 77, Issue 3, March 2013, Pages 434–438

    Ludemann J, Poskitt K, Singhal A. Intracranial Hypertension Secondary to Sigmoid Sinus Compression by a Group A Streptococcal Epidural Abscess. J Laryngol Otol, first view, August 3, 2009.

    Moxham JP; Dickson JM, Ludemann JP, Sargent MA. Cochlear nerve aplasia detected through kindergarten hearing screening – a series of eight cases. J Otolaryngology 38(3): 409-15, June 2009.

    Dickson M, Riding KR, Ludemann JP.  Utility and Safety of Methylene Blue Demarcation of Preauricular Sinuses and Branchial Sinuses and Fistulae in Children. J Otolaryngol 38(2): 302-10, April 2009.

    Dance D, Riley M, Ludemann JP. Removal of ear canal foreign bodies:  What can go wrong and when to refer.  BCMJ, 51(1), 20-24, Jan-Feb 2009.

    Thamboo A, Nguyen T, Ludemann JP.  Choking Prevention:  Short-Comings of Traditional Public Education Campaigns, Prompting the Development of Web-Based Interactive Teaching Tools for Pre-Teens, Teenagers and Adults. J Otolaryngol, accepted Jan 2009.

    Mick P, Moxham JP, Ludemann JP.  Penetrating and Blast Ear Trauma in Children: 7-Year Review of Two Pediatric Practices.  J Otolaryngol 37(6), 774-6, Dec 2008.

    Ludemann JP, Dehghani N.  Ingested Foreign Bodies in Children—BC Children’s Hospital Emergency Room Protocol. BCMJ, 50(5), 257-261 and on-line, June 2008

    Ludemann JP, Dehghani N.  Aspirated Foreign Bodies in Children—BC Children’s Hospital Emergency Room Protocol. BCMJ, 50(5), 252-256 and on-line, June 2008.

    Thamboo A, Riding KR, Ludemann JP.  Christmas Decorations may become Aerodigestive Foreign Bodies. Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol Extra 3, 57-60, Mar 2008.

    Ludemann JP, Wong K, Moxham JP.  Return to home, school and sports after electrosurgical adenoidectomy:  when is it safe?  J Otolaryngol 36(3):156-60, 2007.

    Ludemann JP, Riding, KH. Choking on Pins, Needles and a Blowdart: aspiration of sharp, metallic foreign bodies secondary to careless behavior in seven adolescents. Int J Ped Otorhinolaryngol 71(2): 307-10, Feb 2007

    Wong L, Kozak FK, Poskitt K, Ludemann JP, Harriman M.  Pediatric Lateral Sinus Thrombosis:  retrospective case series and literature review. J Otolaryngol  2005; 34(2):79-85.

    Honours & Awards

    Great Ideas Contest Winner (Choking Prevention), BC Children's Hospital - 2003
    Honourable Mention, Poster Presentation, Canadian Society of Otolarygology Annual Meeting - 1995

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