• Ribary, Urs

    Investigator, BC Children's Hospital

    Professor, Department of Psychology, Simon Fraser University

    British Columbia Leadership Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience, Simon Fraser University

    Degrees / Designations
    PhD (Dr.sc.nat.ETH)
    Primary Area of Research
    Brain, Behaviour & Development
    Secondary Area(s) of Research
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    Mailing Address

    Clinical Support Building, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
    Room V3-309, 948 West 28th Ave.
    Vancouver, BC V6H 3N1

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    Research Areas

    Cognitive neuroscience, brain imaging and brain network dynamics, and their relation to normal, altered and pathological brain functions.


    Structural and functional brain imaging to study sensory-motor and cognitive processing in children and adults, especially the analysis of the brain’s network, oscillation dynamics, and functional connectivity within and among distributed networks, and the development of underlying neuronal diagnostic markers for cognitive alterations and clinical diseases in relation to therapeutic interventions.

    Current Projects
    Selected Publications
    • Virji-Babul N, Moiseev A, Cheung T, Weeks D, Cheyne D, and Ribary U. Spatial-temporal dynamics of cortical activity underlying reaching and grasping. Human Brain Mapping, 31,160-171, 2010.

    • Virji-Babul N, Moiseev A, Cheung T, Weeks D, Cheyne D, and Ribary U. Neural mechanisms underlying action observation in adults with Down syndrome. American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD), 115, 113-127, 2010.

    • Doesburg, SM, Herdman AT, Ribary U, Cheung T, Moiseev A, Weinberg H, Liotti M, Weeks D, Grunau RE. Long-range synchronization and local desynchronization of alpha oscillations during visual short-term memory retention in children. Exp. Brain Res., 4, 719-727, 2010.

    • Doesburg, S, Ribary, U, Herdman, AT, Cheung, T, Moiseev, A, Weinberg, H, Whitfield, MF, Synnes, A, Liotti, M, Weeks, D, Grunau, RE. Altered long-range phase synchronization and cortical activation in children born very preterm. IFMBE Proceedings, 28, 250-253, 2010.

    • Cheung, T, Kavanagh, KL, Ribary, U. A new technique for magnetic nanoparticle imaging using magnetoencephalography frequency data. IFMBE Proceedings, 28, 443-446, 2010.

    • Sun W, Mosieev A, Beg F, Ribary U, Virji-Babul N. Cortical dynamics underlying the visual perception of stationary and moving stimuli. IFMBE Proceedings, 28, 282-285, 2010.

    • Moiseeva N, Mosieev A, Lott I, Haier R, Head K, Ribary, U. and Virji-Babul, N,. Brain network connectivity dynamics during voluntary finger movement in right handed adults with Down Syndrome: Evidence for contralateral and ipsilateral dominance. IFMBE Proceedings, 28, 393-396, 2010.

    • Stephen JM, Braeutigam S, Furlong PL, Ribary U, Roberts TPL, and Virji-Babul N. Pediatric CNS Pathophysiology. IFMBE Proceedings, 28, 242–245, 2010.

    • Jan JE, Reiter RJ, Bax MCO, Ribary U, Freeman R and Wasdell M. Long-term sleep deprivation: An unrecognized cause of cognitive loss in children. European J. Paediatric Neurology, in press.

    Honours & Awards

    Keynote Speaker: 15th International Conference on Biomagnetism, 1st place, Vancouver

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