• Meckler, Garth


    Investigator, BC Children's Hospital
    Division Head, Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, BC Children's Hospital
    Associate Professor, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

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    MD, MSHS
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    Evidence to Innovation
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    604-875-2345 ext. 5217
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    Christina Tou
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    604-875-2345 ext. 7333
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    BC Children's Hospital
    Room K4-226
    4480 Oak Street
    Vancouver, BC  V6H 3V4

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    Research Areas
    • Pediatric Simulation 
    • Continuing Medical Education
    • Pediatric Headache 
    • Neonatal Transport
    • Safety
    • Gay and Lesbian Health Care Needs

    Dr. Meckler has a strong interest in the prehospital emergency care of children and has chaired the Oregon EMS for Children Committee on Prehospital Education and developed a simulation-based education program for rural providers throughout the state. His research interests range from bedside clinical questions such as the management of pediatric headache, to medical education and patient safety, and he is currently involved in a large NIH grant to describe the epidemiology of prehospital safety events in the EMS care of children. Dr. Meckler has recently joined the Pediatric Emergency Research Canada network since arriving in Vancouver.

    Current Projects

    Sheridan DC, Spiro DM, Koch TK, and Meckler GD:  Use of Propofol for the Treatment of Pediatric Migraine Headache.  Pediatric Emergency Care.  Pediatric Emergency Care.  Dec 2012, 28(12): 1293-96.

    This is the first description of a novel therapeutic treatment for pediatric migraine in the emergency department in more than 10 years. The results of this case-control study have lead to the implementation of a prospective randomized controlled trial that is currently approved and will begin recruitment in October, 2012. Based on this work, my mentee has received a national research award from the American Academy of Pediatrics. We have subsequently submitted (under review) a paper describing the national variability in pediatric headache treatment across the US using a nationally representative sample of pediatric ED patients, and have received ethics approval for a prospective randomized controlled clinical trial of low-dose propofol vs. standard migraine therapy for pediatric migraine in the ED.

    Small Victims, Big Challenges: Refining Pediatric Disaster Triage Education and Assessing Triage Algorithms in the Prehospital Setting. This multi-center study out of Yale in the US is designed to compare the accuracy of three separate pediatric mass-casualty triage systems utilizing simulation-based video assessment and capitalizing on a natural experiment wherein three adjacent states utilize three distinct triage systems in their pre-hospital EMS systems.  

    The Epidemiology of Preventable Safety Events in Pre-hospital EMS for Children. This large 5 year NIH funded grant utilizes an innovative mixed-method approach to explore, describe, understand, and test critical elements related to preventable safety events in the pre-hospital care of pediatric patients. Qualitative, quantitative and simulation-based observational data as well as the largest Delphi Survey conducted are being analyzed to understand potentially modifiable contributors to safety risk in this setting.

    Selected Publications

    Meckler GD, Lowe C:  To Intubate, or Not to Intubate? Transporting Infants on PGE1. Pediatrics 2009; 123 e25-e30

    Sheridan DC, Spiro DM, Koch TK, and Meckler GD:  Use of Propofol for the Treatment of Pediatric Migraine Headache.  Pediatric Emergency Care.  Pediatric Emergency Care.  Dec 2012; 28(12): 1293-96.

    Hansen M, Fleischman R, Meckler G, Newgard CD.  The Association Between Hospital Type and Mortality Among Critically Ill Children in US Eds.  Resuscitation, April 2013; 84(4): 488-91.Meckler GD, Lindemulder S:  “Fever and Neutropenia in Pediatric Patients with Cancer.” Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America 2009; 27(3) 525-44. 

    Hansen M, Meckler GD, Spiro D, Newgard C.  Intraosseous Line Use, Complications, and Outcomes Among a Population-Based Cohort of Children Presenting to California Hospitals. Pediatric Emergency Care, 2011; 27(10): 928-32.

    Fleischman JR, Yarris LM, Yuen SC, Curry MT, Breon AR, Meckler, GD:  Pediatric Educational Needs Assessment for Urban and Rural Emergency Medical Technicians.  Pediatric Emergency Care 2011; 27(12): 1130-1135. 

    Breon A, Yarris LM, Law J, Meckler GD:  Determining the Pediatric Educational Needs of Prehospital Providers: Part 1. Journal of Paramedic Practice 2011; 3(8): 450-56. 

    Breon A, Yarris LM, Law J, Meckler GD:  Determining the Pediatric Educational Needs of Prehospital Providers: Part 2. Journal of Paramedic Practice 2011; 3(9): 510-14. 

    Spiro DM, Zonfrillo MR, Meckler GD.  Wounds. Pediatrics in Review, 2010; 31: 326-34. 

    Spiro DM, Welker MA, Arnold DH, Meckler GD.  A proposal to limit otoscopy to reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics: a call for research.  Expert Reviews: Anti-infective Therapy 2011; 9(2): 177-81. 


    Friends of Doembecher Foundation:  Pediatric Simulation.  $30,000.00; 2009-2010;  Robert Cloutier / Garth Meckler.

    National Institutes of Health, PAR-08-261:  Epidemiology of Preventable Safety Events in Pre-hospital EMS of Children.  $3,491,585.00; 2010-2015,  Jeanne-Marie Guise / Garth Meckler.

    Honours & Awards

    Robert C. Chambliss Best Paper Award, Section of Transport Medicine, American Academy of Pediatrics

    Academic Instructor of the Year, Oregon Health & Science University, Department of Emergency Meidicne, 2010, 2011

    Joseph B Bilderback Award (Teaching), Oregon Health & Science University, Department of Pediatrics

    Gold Humanism Honor Society 2011

    Research Group Members