• Clarke, Lorne


    Investigator, BC Children's Hospital
    Professor, Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia

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    Primary Area of Research
    Childhood Diseases
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    BC Children's Hospital
    Room C234
    4500 Oak Street
    Vancouver, BC V6H 3N1

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    Research Areas
    • Lysosomal storage disease
    • Inborn errors of metabolism
    • Genetic therapies

    The main focus of my work is the investigation of the complex series of events at the cellular and tissue level that are at play in the evolution and of genetic disease. It is hoped that an understanding of disease at this level will result in the development of specific forms of therapy for rare genetic disease. My group has chosen to focus on a series of devastating progressive disorders termed lysosomal storage diseases.

    Current Projects

    Clinical trial of recombinant iduronidase in the treatment of MPSI
    Clinical trial of recombinant iduronidase in the treatment of MPSI. This is a complex multicenter multinational clinical trial of the use of iduronidase for the treatment of the genetic disease MPS I.

    Proteomic approach to the identification of biomarkers of MPS disease
    This project involves the identification, through serum proteomic studies, markers of disease severity and responsiveness. Markers will initially be identified in a murine model and subsequently validated in human samples.

    Clinical trial of BH4 for the treatment of classical PKU 
    It has now been suggested that small molecules can act as chemical chaperones for misfolded proteins that are caused by point mutations of genes. PKU is an inborn error of metabolism that is currently treated by very restrictive diet. In vitro studies have shown that BH4 can stabilize mutant PAH enzyme and lead to greater tolerance of PHE in the diet.

    Selected Publications

    Muenzer J, Wraith JE, Clarke LA; International Consensus Panel on Management and Treatment of Mucopolysaccharidosis I.: Mucopolysaccharidosis I: management and treatment guidelines. Pediatrics. 2009 Jan;123(1):19-29.

    Clarke LA, Wraith JE, Beck M, Kolodny EH, Pastores GM, Muenzer J, Rapoport DM, Berger KI, Sidman M, Kakkis ED, Cox GF.: Long-term efficacy and safety of laronidase in the treatment of mucopolysaccharidosis. Pediatrics. 2009 Jan;123(1):229-40.

    Feillet F, Clarke L, Meli C, Lipson M, Morris AA, Harmatz P, Mould DR, Green B, Dorenbaum A, Giovannini M, Foehr E; Sapropterin Research Group.: Pharmacokinetics of sapropterin in patients with phenylketonuria. Clin Pharmacokinet. 2008 Dec; 47(12):817-25.

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    Gillet, P.M., Scheiber, R.A., Jevon, G.P/, Israel , D.M., Warshawski, T., Vallance, H., Clarke, L.

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    Clarke L.A., Russell, C.S., Pownall, S., Warrington , C.L., Borowski, A., Dimmick, J.E., Toone, J., Jirik, F.R. Murine Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I: Targeted disruption of the Murine a-L-iduronidase gene. Human Molecular Genetics 4503-511, 1997.

    Honours & Awards

    Canadian Glyconomics network Award- 2017

    Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD) Rarity Award for Scientific Excellence - 2013. 

    Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation Schering Research Award ($25,000/year) – 1993-1995

    B.C. Children’s Hospital Research Foundation Fellowship – 1992-1993

    Research Group Members

    • Dr. Elly Hetty – Clinical study coordinator
    • Karin Yip – Chief technician
    • Graham Sinclair – Postdoctoral fellow
    • Derrick Randall – Graduate student