Researchers in the Reproduction & Healthy Pregnancy cluster


    Dr. Wendy Robinson Miscarriage / Birth defects / Pre-eclampsia  [more]


Primary Membership

  Dr. Susan Albersheim
Clinical Neonatology; Biomedical Ethics  [more]
  Dr. Alexander Beristain Placenta; Trophoblast; Cell Biology 
  Dr. Anthony P. Cheung Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)  [more]
  Dr. Leanne Dahlgren Pregnancy; Population health; C-section morbidity  [more]
  Dr. Marie-France Delisle Prenatal diagnosis; Multifetal gestation  [more]
  Dr. Jennifer Hutcheon Perinatal epidemiology; Perinatal research methods  [more]
  Dr. Patricia Janssen Maternal/fetal/newborn health; Clinical trials  [more]
  Dr. K.S. Joseph Perinatal epidemiology; Pregnancy complications  [more]
  Dr. Peter Leung Endocrinology; GnRH; Reproductive biology
  Dr. Ken Lim Prenatal diagnosis; Fetal physiology; Fetal therapy
  Dr. Robert Liston Pregnancy outcomes; Population health in obstetrics 
  Dr. Sai Ma Genetic aspects of assisted reproductive technologies
  Dr. Ying MacNab Bayesian paradigm; Spatial statistics  [more]
  Dr. Laura Magee Pregnancy hypertension; Meta-analysis  [more]
  Dr. Douglas Matsell Childhood kidney disease; Kidney development
  Dr. Deborah McFadden Triploidy; Fetal growth and development; Early pregnancy loss
  Dr. Dan Rurak Fetal physiology; Maternal-fetal drug disposition  [more]
  Dr. Amanda Skoll Fetal growth restriction; Preterm labour  [more]
  Dr. Anne Synnes Neonatal follow-up; Outcomes of prematurity  [more]
  Dr. Peter von Dadelszen
Pre-eclampsia / Hypertension in pregnancy / IUGR  [more]


Secondary Membership

  Dr. Rollin Brant Biostatistics; Randomized clinical trials  [more]
  Dr. Mary Ensom Novel approaches to therapeutic drug monitoring [more]
  Dr. Judith Hall Clinical genetics; Human congenital anomalies  [more]
  Dr. Sylvie Langlois Genotype/phenotype correlations in single gene disorders [more]
  Dr. Evica Rajcan-Separovic Chromosomal etiology of intellectual disability/autism and cancer [more]


Affiliate Members

  Dr. Carolyn Brown Human X chromosome inactivation; epigenetics and development
  Dr. Helene Bruyere Chromosome abnormalities
  Dr. Julian Christians  Placental development; Endocrinology; Quantitative genetics 
  Dr. Stefan Grzybowski Rural maternity care; Rural health service delivery [more]
  Dr. Pablo Nepomnaschy Effects of stress on female reproduction and early pregnancy
  Dr. Wendy Norman Contraception; Abortion; Youth healthy sexuality; Population health
  Dr. Saraswathi Vedam  Patient-centered, evidence-based, low-intervention perinatal care; Providers' attitudes; Fetal health surveillance