BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Funding Opportunities

Institutional Funding

To promote research excellence, awards are granted at BC Children's Hospital Research Institute to foster research collaborations and networks, and to develop core facility capabilities and specialized services.

  • Clinical Research Capacity Building Award


Faculty Funding

These faculty awards are provided to recruit and retain highly qualified professionals.

  • Investigator Salary Award
  • Investigator Establishment Award


Trainee Funding

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute provides a number of research training awards to highly qualified individuals who are supervised by BC Children's Hospital researchers. These awards enable our researchers to recruit and support exceptional trainees, ensuring future excellence in care and research relating to improving the health of children and families.

  • Graduate Studentships
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Scholars of Excellence Program
  • Clinical & Translational Research Seed Grants
  • Trainee Travel Grants
  • Sponsorship Requests
  • Summer Studentships



Institutional & Faculty Funding

Trainee Funding