BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Investigator Funding

BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute provides funding to its investigators through award programs supported by BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

Investigator Grant Award Program (IGAP)

The Investigator Grant Award Program (IGAP) provides grant funding to investigators who conduct exceptional child and family health research at BC Children's Hospital. The grant supports certain universities, regional health authorities, hospitals or other specific health organizations by fully or partially funding the compensation costs of their investigators. 

If you are a current IGAP holder, more information can be found on the ResearchHub.

Investigator Establishment Award Program

The Investigator Establishment Award Program is intended to assist faculty members recently recruited to the Research Institute to establish independent health programs, and to achieve the research productivity necessary for obtaining longer term and more substantial funding from national and other external agencies. These awards are not renewable.


For more information, please email resinfo@bcchr.ca.