Clinical Research Support

The BC Children's Hospital Research Institute provides support for investigators conducting clinical research.

Biobanking Support

BC Children's Hospital BioBank provides biological samples (such as blood or tissue) and health information (such as type of disease) to scientists who are researching new treatments for diseases.

The biospecimens are stored and preserved in freezers in the BioBank. Scientists may apply to the BioBank to request samples for their research studies. Each one of these research studies must be approved by a Research Ethics Board to ensure that issues such as patient privacy and confidentiality are appropriately addressed.

Visit the BC Children's Hospital BioBank website for more information.

Adam Velenosi, Research Assistant , BC Children's Hospital BioBank  | 604-875-2000 ext 6423

Biostatistics Services (Study Design, Methodology & Statistics) 

Consultants assist with research project development, study design and methodology, statistical analysis and data management. [more...]

Boris Kuzeljevic, CRSU Consultant, Statistician / Methodologist / Database Developer | 604-875-2000 ext. 6814 

Clinical Research and Evaluation Facilities 

For minimally invasive studies, a self-standing Research Clinic in the Translational Research building provides eight exam rooms, wet and dry storage rooms, and a staff study-coordination room. [more...]

Jocelyn Brown, Coordinator, Clinical Research & Evaluation Unit

Dr. Soren Gantt, Director of Clinical Research, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute | 604-875-2000 ext. 2151

Clinical Research Education

In partnership with Research Education, CRSU provides professional development and networking opportunities for clinical research coordinators and other staff involved in clinical research at BC Children's Hospital and BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre. [more...]

Jennifer Myers, Manager, Research Education | 604-875-3722

Data Management

The Data Management team provides consultation and services related to data management, standardization, or harmonization. A database platform with REDCap software is available to meet the needs of a broad range of medical and health research studies. The Clinical Informatics Specialist offers consultation and collaboration with the application of informatics to clinical, population and basic research projects. [more...]

Ashley McKerrow, Database Coordinator | 604-875-2000 ext. 6336

Dr. Elodie Portales-Casamar, Clinical Informatics Specialist

Gurm Dhugga, Director, Information Technology

Health Services Research 

The consultant offers consultation and collaboration on research projects related to health economics and health services research, such as health care program evaluation, performance measurement, and indicator development.

Dr. Sema Aydede, Clinical Professor

Health Information Management 

Health Information Management assists in retrieving charts when needed for approved studies. [more...]

Lolita Sarmiento, Supervisor | 604-875-2000 ext. 3154

Laboratory Services

The research coordinator set ups laboratory services to support individual research studies and liaise with investigators and others as required during study. [more...]

John Bhullar, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Services | 604-875-2000 ext. 7989

Pharmacy Services

The research coordinator sets up pharmacy services to support research studies, assists with study costing and invoicing, and liaises with investigators, study coordinators, and other institutions. [more...]

Bernadette Kondor, Clinical Pharmacist, Research Support | 604-875-2955

Population Data Access

The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Population Data BC offers support in creating applications for health services or population health data, along with remote access to central server for data storage and analysis, including encrypted backups, software, and other services to ensure compliance with data access requirements.

Contact: 604-827-5069

Quality Assurance

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute is a member organization of Network of Networks (N2), a national initiative led by research networks and other stakeholders to enhance Canada's research capability and capacity.

Through N2, BC Children's Hospital researchers and staff can access various online resources developed to improve the quality of clinical research. [more...]

Jennifer Myers, Manager, Research Education | 604-875-3722