Clinical Research & Evaluation Facilities

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute has three clinical research facilities. These three research units provide equipment, facilities and qualified staff for research studies of pediatric, mental and women’s health.

To apply to use the facilities, go to Booking & Availability.

Clinical Research and Evaluation Unit

The new Clinical Research & Evaluation Unit is available to researchers affiliated with the Oak Street campus. It is available for clinical study appointments and monitoring visits. With eight exam rooms, a weight and assessment area, dry and wet storage and more, this unit is equipped to meet the needs of most clinical research studies.

The unit is located on the street level of the southeast corner of the Translational Research Building on the campus of BC Children's Hospital.

CREU Facilities

Eight Exam Rooms
All patient examination rooms are equipped with:

  • ophthalmoscope
  • sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff)
  • otoscope
  • sink
  • meeting table, clinician stool and chairs for patients
  • computer and telephone line

Five exam rooms have standard examination tables for children or adults. Two rooms are equipped with gynecology exam tables, privacy curtains and examination lights. One exam room is equipped for interviews, with a couch and meeting table and chairs.

Clinical Observation Room
Two exam rooms double as an observation room and adjacent viewing room. The rooms are connected with a one-way glass window. The observation room is equipped with sound recording equipment and is wired for video recording. (Note: a video camera is not available at this time.)

Interview/Meeting room
One exam room is equipped for interviews, with a couch and meeting table and chairs.

Weight / Assessment Area
This area is equipped to assess infants, children and adults. It is wheelchair accessible and has electronic scales, a stadiometer and an electronic vital signs monitor.

Storage Rooms
One wet storage room and one dry storage room are available for supplies, equipment and samples. The wet storage room features a monitored immunization/ vaccine refrigerator, upright freezer and countertop fridge.

Reception Area & Waiting Room
The reception desk has a telephone line, networked printer, desktop computer and lockable storage. The waiting room seats nine people and has a child size table and chairs.

The two accessible patient washrooms have specimen retrieval cupboards. One has a baby change table.

Staff Work & Meeting Area
This multi-purpose room contains a telephone line, four workstations, two desktop computers and a multifunction printer/fax/copier device. It also doubles as a lunchroom with a sink, refrigerator and microwave.

Booking & Availability

The CREU can be booked for clinical study appointments and monitoring visits.  An orientation to the CREU is required prior to booking the rooms.

Advanced booking is required.

Please note:

  • Investigators and staff will be granted access to the unit once study arrangements have been approved. Access will be provided by updating researchers’ ID and security access cards.
  • Only procedures and tests that are acceptable in the ambulatory setting are permitted in the unit. Researchers must have anaphylaxis kits in the event of an adverse allergic reaction to tests or vaccines administered in the unit.


Jocelyn Brown
Coordinator, Clinical Research & Evaluation Unit

Dr. Stuart Turvey
Director of Clinical Research, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
Phone: 604-875-2000 ext. 5094