Pharmacy Services

The Pharmacy Research Support Team:

  • Sets up pharmacy services to support individual clinical trials, including: 
    • Design of randomization tables, study drug accountability logs and prescription templates
    • Study drug preparation and blinding
    • Inventory control, storage and disposition of study drug
    • Acquisition of study drug if necessary 
  • Assists with costing (pharmacy portion)
  • Liaises with investigators, study coordinators and study monitors for site visits, study drug dispensation, record keeping.
  • Liaises with other pharmacies and/or institutions involved in multi-centre trials, as required
  • Participates in clinical trial audits

 The following documents are required for the review submission:

Time is required to review a research protocol and to be able to discuss and clarify the required pharmacy operational requirements (including providing budget estimates). It is always appreciated when investigators allow two to three weeks for this process.

Average costs associated with common services provided by Pharmacy for clinical studies are outlined in the Pharmacy Fee Schedule.

Bernadette Kondor
Clinical Pharmacist, Research Support | 604-875-2955