Poster Day Finalists

Left to right:  Paul Yen,  Adina Landsberg,  Andy Yi An,  Jacob Stubbs,  Navjit Moore and 
Daisy Li

Congratulations to the 2017 Poster Day finalists! For a complete list of participants and projects view the 2017 Abstract Booklet.

Poster Session #1, Basic Science
Andy Yi An

Taubert Research Team

Starvation, cancer, and worms: The transcriptional regulation of EFK-1 

Poster Session #2, Basic Science
Daisy Li, B. Verchere Research Team. Can lipid nanoparticle encapsulation protect against dexamethasone induced diabetes?

Poster Session #3, Basic Science
Navjit Moore, Vallance Research Team. THE MINI GUT EVOLUTION: Using organoids to characterize innate signalling in intestinal epithelial cells

Poster Session #4, Clinical
Paul Yen, C. Verchere Research Team. Does tissue expansion reconstruction in the trunk of children increase the risk of scoliosis?

Poster Session #5, Clinical
Adina Landsberg, Blydt-Hansen Research Team. Urinary metabolite markers of chronic kidney disease in pediatric kidney transplant recipients

Poster Session #6, Clinical
Jacob Stubbs, Panenka Research Team. Working memory load increases the diagnostic utility of smooth pursuit eye movements in mTBI