Student Presentations

Tuesday seminars will consist of short student presentations on their summer research project. This is an excellent opportunity to practice speaking in front of colleagues, and will facilitate the sharing of data and research results. Supervisors and colleagues are welcome to attend and assist with questions.

Dates: June 13 | June 20 | June 27 | July 4 | July 10 | July 11 | July 18 | July 25

For more information on preparing your student presentations, including length, format and requirements refer to the Preparing your Student Presentation guide.

Tuesday, June 13 | 12:00-1:00pm | Chan Centre for Family Health Education

Lisa Nakajima, McGill Undergraduate Student, Grunau Research Team.  Stress and cognition in early childhood in infants born very preterm

Melissa Kong, UBC Undergraduate Student, Nadel Research Team. Use of optimized post-contrast enhanced PET/CT to improve diagnostic accuracy, staging, and follow-up of children with cancer

Daisy Li
, UBC Undergraduate Student, Verchere Research Team. Delivery of encapsulated prodrugs as treatment for diabetes

Camron Chehroudi
, UBC Undergraduate Student, Verchere Research Team. Post-translational modification of pancreatic beta cell hormones in diabetes

Genevieve Leduc-Robert
, UBC Medical Student, Norman Research Team. Barriers and facilitators to mifepristone access in Canada

Haya Abuzuluf
, UBC Undergraduate Student, Goldfarb Research Team. Post-discharge readmission and mortality among children being repatriated from northern communities: Derivation of prediction models

Moderated by Catherine Biggs, MD; UBC Graduate Student, Turvey Research Team

Tuesday, June 20 | 12:00-1:00pm | Chan Centre for Family Health Education

Melissa Wan, UBC Medical Student, Arneja Research Team. NSQIP reported Surgical Site Infection (SSI) and elective plastic surgery from 2012-2014: Stratifying which patients are at higher risk

Jimmy Lopez
, UBC Undergraduate Student, Harris Research Team. Association between aortic stiffness and physical activity in children with congenital heart disease

Paul Yen, UBC Medial Student, Verchere Research Team. Does tissue expansion reconstruction in the trunk of children increase the risk of scoliosis?

Maleeha Virk, National University of Ireland Medical Student, Maxwell Research Team. Aurora Kinase A (AURKA) Regulation of Cancer Cell Scattering and Metastasis

Alexander Wong, UBC Undergraduate Student, Blydt-Hansen Research Team. Clinical applications of Tryptophan pathway based metabolite classifier for acute kidney rejection

Helen Wu, McGill Undergraduate Student, Ansermino Research Team. At home feasibility evaluation of Panda, a smartphone application designed to support post-operative pain management

Moderated by Britt Drogemoller, PhD; UBC Postdoctoral Fellow, Ross Research Team

Tuesday, June 27 | 12:00-1:00pm | Chan Centre for Family Health Education

Joshua Wu, University of California Undergraduate Student, Goldowitz Research Team. Candidate genes involved in cerebellar development

Nicole Hemphill,
UBC Undergraduate Student, Harris Research Team. Correlates of physical activity levels in children with congenital heart disease

Adina Landsberg
, McMaster Undergraduate Student, Blydt-Hansen Research Team. Urinary metabolite markers of chronic kidney disease in pediatric kidney transplant recipients

Mackenzie Blydt-Hansen
, Queen's Undergraduate Student, Gibson Research Team

Jim Li
, UBC Undergraduate Student, Gibson Research Team. Quantitation of Histone and Post-Translational Modifications Using Mass Spectroscopy

Moderated by Debra Field, MHScOT, PhD; UBC Postdoctoral Fellow, Zwicker Research Team

Tuesday, July 4 | 12:00-1:00pm | Chan Centre for Family Health Education

Luisa Goepfert, UBC Undergraduate Student, Görges Research Team. Comparison plethysmographic waveform and pulse waveform of piezoelectric sensor

Stephanie Schueler, UBC Undergraduate Student, Görges Research Team. Evaluation of the effect of a Ketamine adjuvant anesthetic administration on depth of hypnosis indices during total intravenous anesthesia - a comparative study using a novel case replay system

Mackenzie Campbell, Queen's Undergraduate Student, Ipsiroglu Research Team. Qualitative and quantitative H-behaviour video analysis framework proof of concept

Kristen Van Esch, UBC Medical Student, Norman Research Team. Development of a Physician Tool to Facilitate Provision of Medical Abortion by Family Physicians

Michelle Lee, UBC Undergraduate Student, Taubert Research Team. A novel regulatory mechanism of zinc homeostasis

Moderated by Emily Schaeffer, PhD; UBC Postdoctoral Fellow, Mulpuri Research Team

Monday, July 10 | 12:00-1:00pm | Chan Centre for Family Health Education

Lara Lampe, UBC Undergraduate Student, Kobor Research Team. Determining the effect of food deprivation in shaping the epigenome

Najit Moore, UBC Undergraduate Student, Vallance Research Team. Using enteroids to characterize innate signaling in intestinal epithelial cells

Cassandra McDonald, UBC Undergraduate Student, Hayden Research Team. Somatic instability of the CAG repeat in Huntington Disease brain and lymphocyte tissue.

Cassie Walmsley, McGill Undergraduate Student, Lang Research Team.  Developmental and Obstetric Predictors of Psychosis

Monika Cieslak, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Medical Student, Kim & Doan Research Teams. Management and Disposition of Severe Croup in the Emergency Department 

Iris Liu, UBC Undergraduate Student, OPSEI. Understanding the Journey to Care for Ugandan Children with Rare Surgical Diseases 

Moderator TBA

Tuesday, July 11 | 12:00-1:00pm | Chan Centre for Family Health Education

Claire Mockler, McGill Undergraduate Student, Blydt-Hansen Research Team. The prognostic value of urinary chemokines at 6 months after pediatric kidney transplantation

Jacob Stubbs, UBC Undergraduate Student, Panenka Research Team. Working Memory Load Increases the Diagnostic Utility of Smooth Pursuit in mTBI

Heidi Vieira
, UBC Undergraduate Student, Lim Research Team

Nevena Rebić, UBC Pharmacy Student, Norman Research Team

Brianna Carrels, Uvic Undergraduate Student, Verchere Research Team. Pancreatic prohormones as biomarkers in type 1 diabetes

Kaitlyn Samson, UBC Undergraduate Student, Karakochuk Research Team. Vitamin D status in children with sickle cell disease

Moderated by Fern Jaspers-Fayer, PhD; UBC Postdoctoral Fellow, Stewart Research Team

Tuesday, July 18 | 12:00-1:00pm | Chan Centre for Family Health Education

Kwestan Safari, SFU Undergraduate Student, Sly Research Team. Impact of Fcγ receptor gene variants on antibody-induced anti-inflammatory macrophage activation

Grace Kuo, UBC Undergraduate Student, Lavoie Research Team. Unraveling the role of hypoxia in neonatal immune responses

Samantha Pawer, UBC Undergraduate Student, Brown Research Team. Analysing functionality of long non-coding RNAs

Shannon Tang, UBC Undergraduate Student, Lavoie Research Team

Joban Bal, UBC Undergraduate Student, Tipper Research Team. Defining sociocognitive phenotypes in autism spectrum disorder

Mehima Kang, Queen's Undergraduate Student, Panagiotopoulos Research Team. Assessment of CKD following AKI during diabetic ketoacidosis in children with type 1 diabetes

Moderated by Hind Sbihi, PhD; UBC Postdoctoral Fellow, Turvey Research Team

Tuesday, July 25 | 12:00-1:00pm | Chan Centre for Family Health Education

Alexandra J. Zhou, University of Califorina Undergraduate Student, Woodward Research Team. Brain networks providing the biological underpinning to hallucinations in schizophrenia

Madeleine Tan, New York University Undergraduate Student, Kollmann Research Team. Identifying correlations between microbiome and neonatal sepsis susceptibility

Li Qing Wang, UBC Undergraduate Student, Robinson Research Team. Evaluating the association of maternal KIR2DS1, KIR2DL4, KIR3DL2 genotypes with chorioamnionitis

Mary Shen, UBC Undergraduate Student, Kobor Research Team

Victoria Chan, Western University Medical Student, Malherbe Research Team. The effect of
Dexmedetomidine on recovery room and hospital discharge times after non-painful day case procedures in children

Thomas Hoang, UBC Undergraduate Student, Vallance Research Team. Intestinal epithelial inflammasomes: Frontline defenders against Campylobacter jejuni infection

Moderated by Jenny Fairthorne, PhD; UBC Postdoctoral Fellow, Oberlander Research Team