Student Presentation Format

Tuesday seminars will consist of short student presentations on summer student research projects. This is an excellent opportunity to practice speaking in front of colleagues, and will facilitate the sharing of data and research results.

Presentation Form

Schedule - Presentations are scheduled for Tuesdays (June-July), 12:00-1:00pm in the Chan Centre for Family Health Education. Supervisors and colleagues are encouraged to attend.

Students will be asked to select presentation date based on the project start date (i.e. students who start onsite early May will present early June). This date is subject to change, the final date will be emailed to the student and supervisor mid-May and advertised online. If you have any problems with the selected date please contact

Format – Each week, 5 students are schedule to present. Each student will have 10 minutes, which includes 8 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for questions. The structure and format of the presentation is at the presenter’s discretion but while drafting your slides ensure they can be easily understood by an interdisciplinary group. Presenting students are asked to arrive by 11:50 am to load the presentation onto the computer.

Audiovisual Equipment - The auditorium is equipped with a PC, overhead projector, laser pointer, microphone and Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (note presenter mode is unavailable on the computer). Internet access is also available. If possible, please bring the presentation on a USB as switching between computers can be time consuming. If you’re bringing a MAC laptop you will also need to bring an adaptor.

For students interested in practicing the presentation in the space prior to the presentation date or testing the audio-visual equipment, contact for room availability. 

Moderator - The sessions will be moderated by trainees who will introduce each speaker, monitor time and encourage dialogue. Moderators will also be asked to complete an evaluation form for each presentation. A summary will be sent to the presenter the following week.


An announcement regarding your presentation will be included online and included in the weekly bulletin. One week prior to the presentation date students will be contacted to confirm details.  

Top Presenter

Each week students will be asked to select the top presenter based on the presentation content and the presenter's abilities. Responses will be collected and collated each week. The top presenters will be announced the following week and receive a $10 'Bean Around the World' gift card