My research questions emerge from clinical problems I discover. I conduct projects in the areas of cleft lip and palate, craniofacial surgery and vascular anomalies. I have a certificate in teaching and higher education and I try to maintain research interests in these areas. As well, I have an interest in safety and effective surgical tools during operative procedures. I have a strong trainee component to my research and ensure that all appropriate projects have a medical student, resident or fellow involved.


In Reply
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The Role of Experts in Teaching in a Plastic Surgery Residency Program
Our pediatric plastic surgery fellow, Dr. Jason Neil-Dwyer, is completing his certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education and this project is part of his graduation requirements. Internationally the moves towards implementing a shorter workweek for residents, reducing the number of years of residency, and emphasising operating room efficiency, are markedly diminishing teaching time provided to each resident. Given the importance of the operating room experience to surgical residents’ education, it is crucial that we gain a better understanding of the teaching that occurs in this environment so that it can be best facilitated in a shorter time. The first step towards improving surgical skills training is to better define the methods successfully used for teaching. The aim of this study will be to analyse teaching in the operating room environment. The analysis will attempt to qualify the cognitive, verbal and motor strategies that are used by the mentor surgeon through observation and stimulated recall interviews.

Safety Scalpels: A Systematic Review
Are safety scalpels safer than traditional scalpels in lowering the incidence of scalpel injuries in the operative setting?

Maxillary Outgrowth after Repair of a Cleft of the soft Palate: An Analysis between the Wardill-Kilner and Furlow palatoplasty
This is a multi-disciplinary project in conjunction with orthodontists and dentists in the community. The primary goal for performing a palatoplasty is to achieve closure between the oral and nasal cavities and subsequently lead to normal velopharyngeal sphincter closure for speech. The two main parameters for assessing successful outcome are intelligible speech and maxillary outgrowth. This study was undertaken to analyse the effect that two different surgical methods have on maxillary outgrowth in patients with an isolated cleft of the soft palate.

Honours & Awards

Honourable Mention – McCreary Prize for Inter-professional Teamwork (Cleft Palate Team), 2005

MCC Recognition of Service Award, 2002

Research Group Members

Rupinder Parhar
Rebecca Courtemanche
Marija Bucevska, Clinical Research Coordinator
Ethan Ponton, Undergraduate Student
Jovi Sidhu