The BC Children's Hospital MRI Research Facility is one of Canada’s top centres for pediatric brain mapping and imaging sciences research.

A core facility of the BC Children's Hospital's Research Institute and affiliated with the University of British Columbia, the child-friendly environment of the MRI Research Facility is ideally situated to optimize opportunities for widespread research collaborations with the highly skilled staff found at BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre. 

The MRI Research Facility features a GE Discovery MR750 3.0 Tesla MRI scanner for functional MRI, structural MRI and spectroscopy. The current scanner software version is DV26.0_R03.

Together, with our child-friendly MRI simulator, the MRI Research Facility provides an excellent platform for performing research studies on babies and young children.

An update from Dr. Bruce Bjornson, Director, BCCH MRI Research Facility:

On behalf of our team at the BC Children’s Hospital MRI Research Facility, I am pleased to offer our Stewardship Report celebrating 10 years of pediatric MRI research, 2012 – 2022.  We are proud of the breadth of services that we provide, and we deeply appreciate your ongoing support.

Kind regards,
Bruce Bjornson, MD, FRCPC
Director, BCCH MRI Research Facility
Department of Pediatrics (Neurology), UBC

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