Participate in Mini Med School when it works for you! Watch previous recorded lectures online. 

What is a Mini Med School On-Demand participant?

On-Demand participants will be emailed the link for accessing Mini Med School presentations after the live sessions each week. 

Mini Med School On-Demand is a recording of the Mini Med School live session held earlier in the week; it is not in real-time. Students participating On-Demand will not have the opportunity to engage or ask questions directly to the presenters. Participating On-Demand is like watching a video on YouTube. 

As a Mini Med School On-Demand participant, you would:

  • Have the flexibility to watch lectures based on your own schedule. You will have up to 10 days to stream each 2-hour lecture once it is posted:
    • Session #1: Dates TBA
    • Session #2: Dates TBA
    • Session #3: Dates TBA
    • Session #4: Dates TBA
  •  Receive a weekly newsletter to keep you informed on program updates
  • Receive an electronic certificate of program completion if you participate in all 4 sessions
  • Be eligible to apply for the Mini Med School Scholarship (grade 12 students only) 
Who is eligible to participate?

To register as a Mini Med School On-Demand participant, you must be a grade 11 or 12 student who is currently enrolled in a BC secondary school. Participants will also need to have a sponsor teacher to support their registration (detailed below).

Is participating right for you?

Some students may find the Mini Med School learning format challenging. We encourage you to consider your own preferred learning style and comfort level before deciding to register. 

  • Curriculum: The Mini Med School course curriculum has been designed for a senior high school audience. Similar to a post-secondary seminar, Mini Med School is lecture-based with content building on previously introduced ideas. With only 4 evenings to explore new scientific concepts, participants should expect a fast-paced virtual learning environment. Please consider if you would be comfortable with this.
  • Schedule: Does your schedule allow you enough time to watch each session within a 10-day period? 
  • Engagement: Mini Med School On-Demand participants will be watching the lectures recorded earlier in the week; it is not in real-time. You will not have the opportunity to engage or ask questions directly to the presenters. Participating On-Demand is like watching a video on YouTube for 90 minutes. Are you comfortable with this?
  • Technology: Do you have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone and a stable internet connection during the specified periods of time? 
How do you prepare to apply?

Before registering you will need to find a sponsor teacher. 

Students interested in attending Mini Med School will require a teacher to sponsor their registration. Your sponsor teacher should be someone who knows you, your personal learning style and could verify if you'd be an ideal participant for this extracurricular activity. 

The sponsor teacher should have experience teaching a science, technology, engineering or mathematics course or be a career counsellor. The sponsor teacher may sponsor multiple students for Mini Med School. A personal reference is not required and the sponsor teacher is not required to participate in the event. The Mini Med School team will reach out to the sponsor teacher directly if we have concerns regarding your application form or attendance. 

How will you apply?

The link to access the Mini Med School application form will be posted for 10 days in late September. 

The application form should be completed by the student participant directly and will ask for the following:

  • Your name, email address, grade and school name
  • Sponsor teacher name and their email address
  • How you would like to participate: In-PersonVirtually Live OR On-Demand. You may only select ONE method of participation
  • Answers to the following questions: 
    • Why are you interested in attending Mini Med School? What do you hope to gain from participating? (150 words or less)
    • What are your current academic or career goals? What has influenced you to pursue these goals? (150 words or less)
    • Describe how you have positively impacted your school or local community. This could include leadership experiences, school programs/classes, volunteering, extra-curricular programs, etc. (150 words or less)
How do we select who participates?

Mini Med School is a popular program with limited space. To keep up with demand the Mini Med School application process is now competitive and comparative. We’re looking for motivated and inquisitive students who show a demonstrated interest in being part of this unique program. 

Application assessments will not be based on academic achievement. Applications will be assessed based on your responses to the questions on your application form. Your answers will help us assess whether you’re the ideal candidate for the Mini Med School program.  

Only 200 students will be selected to participate On-Demand. 

Mini Med School strives to empower youth and promote an equitable and inclusive learning environment. Further space is available for students who identify as First Nations, Inuit, or Métis. Students will be asked to self-identify as Indigenous on the registration form. 

Selected participants will be contacted by the Mini Med School team to confirm their attendance by early October. 

Students who are not selected will be added to a waitlist and contacted if additional space becomes available. 

Application Form

The application form for Mini Med School will be posted in late September 2024. 

Teachers interested in receiving notifications about upcoming events and important registration deadlines are encouraged to join our mailing list. Information is only distributed to mailing list subscribers.

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