Gut4Health Microbiome Core Facility

Gut4Health is committed to advancing microbiome research across multiple scientific domains. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, innovative methodologies, and expert guidance, we empower researchers in British Columbia to harness the potential of microbiome science for future therapies. 
Our facility serves as a centralized and cost-effective hub for processing, storing, and analyzing biological samples. We cater to a wide array of research endeavors, including basic science, clinical trials, translational studies, and epidemiological investigations.

Backed by a dedicated team, we offer comprehensive support from project conceptualization to publication. We equip researchers with the necessary tools and guidance to achieve high-quality research outcomes in the dynamic realm of microbiome science.

The Gut4Health program was made possible thanks to Mining for Miracles, the BC mining community’s longstanding fundraising campaign in support of the BC Children’s Hospital.



Mining for Miracles