The BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute offers high school students the opportunity to participate in research education events throughout the year. These events aim to inform students of exciting research discoveries and encourage careers in science and research.

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Interested in volunteering at the BC Children's Hospital Research Institute?

Minimizing the risk of COVID-19 and protecting the safety of our community is our first priority. With the situation regarding COVID-19 continuing to evolve, opportunities for volunteering at BCCHR are extremely limited. 

The research institute does not have a formal placement process for high school students but those interested can get involved in research by volunteering to work with investigators at BC Children's Hospital.

Interested students are encouraged to view the profiles of affiliated investigators and contact the research teams directly about available opportunities. Please note, for safety reasons you must be at least 16 years old to volunteer onsite.

Additional opportunities for volunteering on the Oak Street Campus include: BC Children's HospitalBC Women's Hospital & Health Center and the BC Children's Hospital Foundation

Other Opportunities 

Students interested in learning more about research may want to explore other programs offered virtually or in-person in BCPlease note BC Children’s Hospital is not affiliated nor has personal knowledge of any of these. For any questions, please contact the program organizers directly.