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How Small Is Too Small?

Susan Albersheim and Anne Synnes
Dr. Susan Albersheim and Dr. Anne Synnes — Premature Babies: How Small Is Too Small?

We discuss some health considerations of preterm & extremely premature babies, as well as what goes on at the neonatal intensive care unit. Presented by Dr. Anne Synnes, Clinical Investigator, Reproduction & Healthy Pregnancy, CFRI; Clinical Associate Prof., Division of Neonatology, Dept. of Pediatrics, UBC. | Dr. Susan Albersheim, Clinical Prof., Dept. of Pediatrics, UBC; Neonatologist, BC Children's Hospital. | Watch here.

Buy One Get One Free!

Wendy Robinson and Horacio Osiovich and Tim Rowe
Dr. Wendy Robinson, Dr. Horacio Osiovich, and Dr. Tim Rowe — Buy One Get One Free!

Presented by Dr. Wendy Robinson, Scientist, Reproduction & Healthy Pregnancy, CFRI; Prof., Dept. of Medical Genetics, UBC. | Dr. Tim Rowe, Associate Prof. & Head, Div. of Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility, Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology, UBC. | Dr. Horacio Osiovich, Investigator, Innovations in Acute Care & Technology, CFRI; Clinical Associate Prof., Dept. of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, UBC. | Watch here.

Too Posh to Push!

Jan Christilaw and Lee Saxell and Peter von Dadeszen
Dr. Jan Christilaw, Lee Saxell, and Dr. Peter von Dadelszen — Cesarean Sections: Too Posh to Push!

Presented by Dr. Peter von Dadelszen, Clinician Scientist, Reproduction & Healthy Pregnancy, CFRI; Associate Prof., Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology, UBC. | Dr. Jan Christilaw, President & Senior Medical Director, Provincial Women's Health Programs, BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre. | Lee Saxell, Program Leader, Cesarean Task Force, BC Women's Hospital; Clinical Assistant Prof., Dept. of Family Practice, UBC. | Watch here.

Blame It on Your Parents!

Judith Hall and Mikael Norman and Tim Oberlander and Sheila Innis
Dr. Judith Hall, Dr. Mikael Norman, Dr. Tim Oberlander, and Dr. Sheila Innis — Intrauterine Environment: Blame It on Your Parents!

Presented by Dr. Judith Hall, Sr. Scientist Emeritus, Repro. & Healthy Pregnancy, CFRI. | Dr. Mikael Norman, Medical Director, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Karolinska Uni. Hospital. | Dr. Tim Oberlander, Scientist, Dev. Neurosciences & Child Health, CFRI; Prof., Pediatrics, UBC; Pediatrician, BC Children's Hospital. | Dr. Sheila Innis, Director, Nutrition & Metabolism Research Program, CFRI; Prof., Pediatrics, UBC. | Watch here.

Do Premies Become Problem Teens?

Michael Whitfield and Ruth Grunau

Developmental issues in former premature babies. Presented by Dr. Mike Whitfield, Clinical Investigator, Dev. Neurosciences & Child Health, CFRI; Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics & Associate Course Director, Undergrad. Medical & Dental Program, UBC. | Dr. Ruth Grunau, Scientist, Dev. Neurosciences & Child Neonatology, CFRI; Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics & Associate Member, Dept. of Psychology, UBC. | Watch here.

Changing the Reproduction Line: Public Input Needed

Charlyn Black and Craig Mitton
Dr. Charlyn Black and Dr. Craig Mitton — Changing the Reproduction Line

How health research can help improve neonatal care in BC. Presented by Dr. Charlyn Black, Professor, School of Population & Public Health, UBC; Member, Board of Directors, Health Quality Control, Saskatchewan. | Dr. Craig Mitton, Associate Professor, School of Population & Public Health, UBC; Senior Scientist, Centre for Clinical Epidemiology & Evaluation. | Watch here.