I am a developmental pediatrician studying how early social experience (prenatal maternal mental illness and psychotropic medication exposure) influences the developmental origins of stress and self-regulation and its impact on thinking, learning and behaviour during childhood.


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Reply to Klinger et al
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Current Projects
My research extends from studies of child behaviour at the individual to population levels that seeks to understand how in utero exposure to maternal mood and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants sets pathways for both developmental risk and resiliency during early childhood. My work provides strong evidence that both influences have an impact on stress regulation and mood in childhood, possibly reflecting early changes in central serotonin (5HT) levels.

Increasingly my work is showing that the developing brain has a remarkable capacity for change, such that even in the face of adversity, some children do very well. The goal of my work is to figure out how and why this happens, and use these findings to identify opportunities for interventions that reduce risk. Emerging findings are beginning to point to ways that could possibly assist clinicians and families in understanding critical issues that influence a child’s emotional well-being and academic success later in school. As Project Lead for CFRI’s 3T MR Imaging facility I have the opportunity to advance studies of early brain development using advance imaging technology.

I have three main areas of research:

Developmental effects of prenatal psychotropic medication exposure – fetal, neonatal, infant and childhood outcomes: This research focuses on studies of the developmental impact of prenatal exposure to psychotropic medications (i.e. selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor [SSRI] antidepressants) and depressed maternal mood that extends from fetal periods to early adolescence. Biobehavioural, pharmacologic and genetic factors that moderate fetal exposure are studied. Outcomes of particular interest are pain/stress reactivity (neuroendocrine, heart variability), cognitive function (executive functions), attention threat bias, and measures of arousal and emotional regulation. This work also includes examination of the role of key genetic (i.e. SLC6A4) variations and epigenetic (i.e. methylation) factors that may also contribute to altered early serotonin levels.

Pharmacoepidemiology and Child Development: Since 2004 we have used population level health data linking antenatal maternal prescription records with birth/neonatal health records to distinguish the impact of maternal mood from in utero SSRI exposure. We have reported novel findings indicting that the effects of gestational maternal SSRI use differ from those of maternal mental illness and that neonatal outcomes vary with the timing and duration of prenatal SSRI exposure. Recently, we have started examining developmental and behavioural outcomes (learning, mood and autism spectrum disorder risk, ASD) related to in utero SSRI exposure, socioeconomic conditions and maternal mental health.

Pain and children with developmental disabilities: This research seeks to understand pain in children with developmental disabilities. The current focus of this work is to improve pain assessment management among this population of children.

Research Methodology
Fetal, neonatal and child behavioural state regulation
Non invasive stress measures (cardiac autonomic (RSA, PEP), salivary alpha-amylase & cortisol)
Integration of genetic and epigenetic factors to study interactions reflecting the impact of early experience
Population-based linked child health data


CIHR Operating Grant - Project: "Attention bias and executive functions in 9-14 year olds following prenatal antidepressant exposure" (2014-2019)

CIHR Operating Grant - Project: "Developmental origins of autism: A population level linked data study of prenatal antidepressant medication exposure" (2014-2017)

CIHR Operating Grant - Project: "Early child behavior: Relations to early brain development and maternal mood" (2012-2017)

Honours & Awards

Early Career UBC Scholar, The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, UBC (2003-2004)

Human Early Learning Partnership, Senior Scholar Award (2002-2005)

R. Howard Webster Professor in Early Childhood Development (2004-present)

Research Group Members

Ursula Brain, Research Manager, Healthy Starts Program
Dawna Brown
Amanda Chao
Marie-Noelle Wharton
Radhika Shankar
Alicia Tonello
Angie Ip
Kayleigh Campbell
Mina Park
Meghna Rajaprakash
Ella Weik
Jada Holmes
Naama Rotem-Kohavi
Heather Beveridge
Elizabeth Scott
Colleen Pawliuk
Sarah Hutchison, Postdoctoral Fellow