There is no fee associated with the application process for the INSPIRE program. Please carefully review the steps below to apply for the INSPIRE Program. 

Application Procedure Diagram

1. Review the eligibility criteria

  • Are you a current undergraduate student (local or international students) registered at UBC and returning in the fall? 
  • Does your course schedule permit program participation? 

2. Complete the Online Application Form

Upon submitting the online application form, the INSPIRE program team reviews your application and matches you with projects according to your interest and time commitment. 

For a complete application, a CV, unofficial transcript and your general availability for the duration of eight months is required.

Please note that we are not currently accepting applications until next year.

3. In-Person Interview

The interviews will be set up between the candidates and the research teams within the theme. Only successful applicants will receive an interview invitation.

4. Notification of Decision

What Happens Next? The program coordinator will send the list of online training modules to the successful applicants to complete prior to their first day in September. Please note that specific training (online modules or in person training) may be required prior to the first day onsite. All participants are required to attend the mandatory orientation at the end of September, 2019. 

For questions, please contact