Sunny Hill Health Centre and its associated colleges and universities take a leadership role in educating the academic community about child development and rehabilitation. We evaluate and promote innovative service delivery. Sunny Hill is associated with the University of British Columbia (UBC) and other colleges and universities across Canada. 

Smiling child in wheelchairSunny Hill's physicians and health professionals are highly involved with research in partnership with UBC and BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. We are constantly learning by conducting research with our provincial, national and international partners. Our research betters the lives of children by improving our understanding of how to help children with disabilities develop healthy lives.

We teach undergraduate to post-graduate students from the UBC Faculty of Medicine and provincial colleges. We educate children, their families and community professionals and provide continuing education by creating instructional materials and delivering them through workshops, conferences, seminars and through advanced media such as video and telephone conferences.

Sunny Hill offers specialized services to children with disabilities and their families from across the province and serves children from birth to age 19. It is one of a few sites in Canada providing education and experience for physicians specializing in developmental pediatrics. Each year, more than 150 health professionals in training gain experience at Sunny Hill.