Gut4Health Microbiome Core Facility

The primary goal of the Gut4Health core is to facilitate microbiome studies for researchers at BC Children’s and BC Women’s Hospital, as well as the University of British Columbia. The facility is a centralized and cost-effective resource for processing and storing biological specimens. Additionally, we offer sequencing and analysis of microbial communities for various research studies, including basic science using in vitro or in vivo models, IND-enabling studies, clinical, translational, and epidemiological projects.

We provide assistance with grant writing and ethics applications, in addition to consultation on all aspects of study design and sample collection. Our team receives, processes, and stores coded samples as needed. We provide DNA and RNA extraction and prepare and sequence samples with the Illumina Miseq and HiSeq platforms. We can also assist with bioinformatic analysis of sequencing data. In summary, we provide full service for investigators and pharmaceutical research so you can have the best quality research project advised by experts in the microbiome field.