Consultation and study design

  • Consultation service for the design and implementation of human and animal gut microbiome studies – including assistance with ethics and grant applications
  • Sample preparation and quality control tests
  • Optimal sample collection - fecal collection kits
  • Sample size calculations

Storage of clinical specimens after your service is concluded

  • Fecal sample, mucosal wash, swab and biopsy storage (-80oC)
  • Maintenance of a sample inventory
  • Sample processing/aliquoting of liquids, body fluids and fecal specimens
  • Microbial cultivation and freezing of bacterial isolates

Nucleic acid isolation and quantification

  • Genomic DNA extraction 
  • Qubit, PicoGreen and nanodrop quantification

Next generation sequencing 

  • 16S rRNA sequencing
  • Shotgun metagenomic sequencing
  • ITS sequencing

Anaerobic culturing

  • Bacterial culturing under strict anaerobic conditions


  • Short-chain fatty acids, amino acids and bile acids

Targeted Microbiome enumeration

  • QX200 automated droplet digital PCR

In vitro and in vivo assays related to microbiome investigation

  • Experiments performed by our staff to facilitate research ideas and data collection

Data Analysis and Bioinformatics

  • Standardized basic 16S rRNA sequencing analysis
  • Advanced bioinformatics capabilities available by request

Organ-on-a-chip experiments using the Emulate System

  • Colon Intestine-Chip technology as a pre-clinical model to test several dynamic conditions and experimental stimuli

Self-service for instruments available in the microbiome core facility

A35 Don Whitley Anaerobic chamber
BioRad QX200 automated droplet digital PCR
Pre-PCR hood

Service requests and fees

Contact us for service requests and click on the button below for fee information. 

Service fees