Standard MR Rate For most peer reviewed funded MR studies, approved before Sept. 1/23 $550/hour
Standard MR Rate For peer reviewed funded MR studies, approved on or after Sept. 1/23 $600/hour
Industry Rate For industry sponsored research Negotiated on individual 
study basis with sponsor
Pilot rate - Awarded when scanner time is required for testing MR protocols and fMRI paradigms

- Awarded to generate results to use for a funding application
Protocol Development Time Awarded for developing MR protocols which expand the capabilities of the MR scanner Negotiated on an individual study basis
MR Technologist Time Time required by MR technologists for tasks such as building scan sequence parameters, MR technologist training, reading study manuals, and participating in study team meetings and conference calls $100/hour
MRI simulator The MRI simulator is very useful in acclimatizing subjects to the MRI environment and is recommended for most studies with children. $100/hour

*rates subject to change

The negotiated rate will be charged for missed appointments cancelled with less than 7 days’ notice that cannot be filled by either the user or the Facility.