All investigators are required to submit an MR Protocol Proposal form before scanning time can be booked. This form requires a brief description of the project, a detailed MR sequence protocol, and details on funding and Ethics approval. Scans may only be acquired for projects that have BCCH or related Ethics approval.

The BCCH MRI Research Facility Protocol Review Committee meets on a monthly basis to review submitted proposal applications. Protocol Proposal Form submissions should be submitted via email to

BCCH MRI Research Facility Protocol Review Committee:

  • Dr. Donna Lang, Chair
  • Dr. Bruce Bjornson
  • Steffany Ellingham
  • Dr. Debbie Giaschi
  • Michelle Lau
  • Dr. Vesna Popovska
  • Dr. Lynne Williams
  • Dr. San Xiang
  • Dr. Jing Zhang