My research program is focused on families with infants and children at risk for abnormal growth and development because of circumstances such as preterm birth, birth defects or childhood disease and illness.

Policy decisions by government agencies and service providers about health services can have a big impact in the short and long term on the health and development of high-risk infants and children. My work looks at health care services delivered to high-risk infants and children and their families. It involves measuring the success of these services in improving child health, including how families, physicians, therapists and policy-makers view the results of these services. This research shows us how service providers and policy makers may make improvements in the health of infants, children and families with special health care needs. I’m conducting this research in collaboration with other clinicians and researchers at Children’s & Women’s Health Centre of BC as well as at the University of British Columbia.


Period prevalence of epilepsy in children in BC: a population-based study.
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Abstracts / résumés.
PubMed: 20098489

A search for guidance: examining prenatal substance exposure protocols.
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PubMed: 10728287


Current Projects
Improved models of health service delivery for infants and children with developmental disabilities examining patient-held multi-disciplinary electronic health records

Current Projects
Impact of education policy on the health of early school-age children with developmental disabilities

Current Projects
Short- and longer-term health outcomes of premature infants born in British Columbia over the last 20 years

Honours & Awards

National Research Scientist Award, Agency for Health Care Policy Research – 1997

Centre Investigatorship and Establishment Awards, BC Research Institute for Children’s & Women’s Health – 2001

Clinician Scientist Award, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – 1995