Pediatric Anesthesia clinician interested in research that improves clinical care. Recently reviewed neonatal MRI scans and compared the quality of the images obtained using general anesthesia to simply feeding and bundling the neonates. It turns out that with enthusiastic nursing support and dedicated bundling of the neonates, the image quality is comparable to using general anesthesia. Consequently our Department is now only using general anesthesia on neonates undergoing an MRI scan only once the bundling technique has failed. This bundling has prevented countless neonates from undergoing unnecessary general anesthesia.


A second project currently being studied is a comparison of Ametop topical anesthetic gel versus Ametop together with Pain Ease vapocoolant spray in attempting to minimize the discomfort of placing an IV. We are recruiting 240 patients aged 5 to 16 years in this study and comparing the two groups using a pain assessment questionnaire.


Comparing Ametop and Pain-Ease Spray with Ametop alone in reducing pain on intravenous insertion

MRI bundling as an effective alternative to general anesthesia for neonatal MRI scans