My research interests range from studies involving paediatric hip, lower limbs, feet, trauma and bone tumours. I am specifically interested in advancing research around paediatric bone health and mobility. In addition to looking at the clinical outcomes, I am also interested in looking at the outcomes reported directly by the patients or caregivers of patients, specifically their quality of life. By studying these outcomes, I am aiming to look at the effectiveness of treatments I use in clinic and to explore ways to improve the quality of life of my patients. I also collaborate with biomechanical engineers to generate computerised models of the hip in order to imitate different deformities around the hip joint.


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Preventative Multimodal Analgesia for Children Undergoing Lower Limb Reconstruction with External Fixators: A Prospective Study of Postoperative Pain
Objective: To assess the peri-operative analgesia regimen that has been previously developed for children undergoing limb reconstruction surgery at BC Children’s Hospital, during the acute and long-term post-operative recovery phase. This study is being conducted in collaboration with the Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

Multicentre Pin Site Infection Study
Objective: To measure and document pin site infection rate and pin site care across Canada, US and UK through a multi-centre pin site infection database. This study involving ten surgeons (BCCH being the primary site) across various sites will provide important information for limb lengthening and reconstruction services across the world, as well as parents/primary caregivers of children in external fixation devices (EFDs). By identifying the factors contributing to pin site infections, this study will take another step towards improving clinical care for children in EFDs.

Health-related Quality of Life in Children with Lower Limb Deficiency
Objectives: a) To develop and validate a patient-reported quality of life tool for children with lower limb deficiency; b) To establish the baseline health-related quality of life in these children using the newly developed tool; c) To investigate the quality of life of caregivers of children with lower limb deficiency.


Title: Development of a Patient Reported Quality of Life Questionnaire for Children with Lower Limb Deformities Funding Agency: Canadian Orthopaedic Research Legacy (CORL) Year: 2017-2019

Title: Evaluating the Accuracy of the Paley Multiplier Method for Predicting Limb Length Discrepancy in Populations with Vascular Anomalies Funding Agency: UBC Plastic Surgery Academic Grant Year: 2016-2017

Title: Paediatric Limb Reconstruction Funding Agency: CFRI Investigator Grant Award Program (IGAP) Year: 2016-2021

Honours & Awards

Getty Plate for best academic project 2011 (Runner up)

Investigator Grant Award, CFRI, 2016

Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society Traveling Fellowship, 2016

Research Group Members

Jero Abad, Research Assistant
Talia Berson, Research Volunteer:Research Volunteer
Harpreet Chhina, Research Manager
Leslie Gault, Cardiac Services, PHSA
Brittany Lim, Research Asisstant
Susan Ramiscal