We use detailed phenotypic characterization and a range of genome analysis tools to discover pathogenic variants that cause rare developmental and metabolic syndromes. We then carry out follow up experiments to support or rule out candidate genes. With my collaborators, we have discovered genes that cause Adams-Oliver syndrome, hereditary spastic paraplegia, ischiospinal dysostosis, Jeune syndrome, and more.


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Current projects
We are currently searching for the genetic causes of nonsyndromic intellectual disability, novel multiple congenital anomaly syndromes, Adams Oliver syndrome (with my BC Children's Hospital co-investigator Dr. Patel), and neurodegenerative disorders. I study both individual families and cohorts of probands, and I frequently collaborate with larger initiatives (eg., FORGE Canada, Care4Rare, DECIPHER, UK 100,000 Genomes). I also work to identify disease genes in individuals with chromosomal imbalances or structural alterations that are associated with unusual developmental or medical disorders. I see this work as the second part of the Human Genome Project: determination of those genetic variants responsible for human diseases.

Research Group Members

Brandon Chalazan, Resident Physician, Clinical Fellow
Arezoo Mohajeri, Genomic Analyst
Joanne Speakman, Graduate Student
Emilie Theberge, Research Coordinator
Anita Thomas, Research Coordinator
Crystal Yu, Masters Student