I am a clinical researcher who specializes in research related to the urinary tract in both genders and the genital tract in the male.


Current Project
Stothers I, Grady R, MacNeily AE: Double-blind, multi-centre, randomized placebo­ controlled trial of cranberry products in the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections in children. Funding applied for from BC Medical Services Foundation 2004-­2005.

Current Project
Hoag C, Elterman 0, MacNeily AE: Does presentation at the annual AUA meeting translate into peer reviewed publications? 2004-2005.

Current Project
Steinbok P, Gartner H, MacNeily AE, and working group: Clinical trial on dysfunctional voiding, and tethered cord, in the presence of a normally located conus medullaris. Urological consultant for multi-centre randomized trial involving neurosurgical treatment for refractory pediatric dysfunctional voiding and incontinence. Protocol in progress Sept. 2003 - 2005.

Honours & Awards

Association for Surgical Education (ASE) Outstanding Teacher Award – 2004-2005

First prize, Clinical Research (Morrison KB, MacNeily AE), Canadian Urological Association Prize Essay – 2004

First prize, Resident Research (Rapoport D, Secord S, MacNeily AE ), Western Section American Urological Association – 2004