Cradle to Grave research focus, specifically quality improvement initiatives related to Paediatric Orthopaedics and spinal deformity.


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Paediatric OrthoSAVES Data Project
Adverse event collection was revolutionized by Canadian centres with the introduction of SAVES and OrthoSAVES AE reporting systems. Our goal is to adapt these systems to Paediatric populations and move towards a robust prospective adverse events collection strategy without bias.

Nasal Decolonization
Nasal photo-disinfection therapy has been shown to be effective at decreasing surgical site infections in adult populations undergoing instrumented spine surgery. This technology has not yet been tested in a Paediatric population, but has the potential to decrease infection risk, particularly in patients undergoing scoliosis correction. The first step will be a proof of concept study in this population, likely to be followed by a multi-centre randomized control trial aiming to show a decrease in infection rates.

AIS Lived Experiences Project
This qualitative study aims to interview patients who have recently received operative or non-operative treatment through the spine program at BCCH, and describe their lived experiences. This data will be used to make meaningful change to the program to better respond to patient’s perspectives on care.

Honours & Awards

2019: PHSA+ Award: Member of the BCCH Paediatric Spine Team

2015: Educational scholarship for academic excellence: The Spine Technology and Educational Group Organization 12th Annual Symposium

2013: Canadian Spine Society Residents’ Best Paper Award

Research Group Members

Jack Hu, Co-op Student
McKenzie Young, Undergraduate Student