The central theme of my research program, Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy Innovations (POPi), is the study of drug therapy with the goal of improving human health and quality of life.

I am particularly interested in developing models for evaluating drug effectiveness, medication use models designed to improve patient health, and effective surveillance systems to improve the safe use of medication.

I have a particular clinical interest in pediatric medicine, with specific emphases on asthma and the epidemiology and clinical management of adverse drug reactions.

Another area of interest is the translation of knowledge to aid evidence-based drug policy development. POPi contributes to solving the international drug policy crisis on two levels: the public policy level (federal and provincial), and the clinical policy level. In this way the needs of government are served to manage drug budgets, the needs of clinicians to improve patient care, and the public need to understand and improve the effectiveness, safety and cost effectiveness of drugs.


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Genomic and Outcomes Databank for Pharmacogenomic and Implementation Studies (GO PGx)
This Genome Canada project will reduce adverse drug reactions (ADRs) by developing genomic-based precision health strategies and technologies for the most common and severe ADRs in pediatric oncology and facilitate the implementation of pharmacogenomics into clinical practice. This will be realized through four parallel and complementary research activities that will result in genomic-based precision health deliverables for unique end-users:
1. Establish an ADR database of linked clinical and genomic data to discover and validate biomarkers of five severe ADRs associated with cancer therapy drugs in children.
2. Knowledge translation (KT) to facilitate the use of pharmacogenomics in pediatric oncology through the development of clinical practice guidelines and an educational program.
3. Implement ADR-predictive pharmacogenomics tests at 10 pediatric oncology centres across Canada
4. Exploration of how pharmacogenomics testing in pediatric oncology impacts, and is impacted by patients, families, clinicians, and the Canadian healthcare system (GE3LS).

Integrating pediatric pharmacogenomic testing into the Canadian health care system
This project is focused on developing pharmacogenomic tests to predict the risk of experiencing an adverse drug reaction (ADR) in pediatric patients, and strives to bridge the gap between the rigorous science of pharmacogenomics and its integration into health care by providing a tool for the clinical uptake of rigorously derived pharmacogenomic information. To bridge this gap, we have identified actionable pharmacogenomic biomarkers for the most frequently prescribed medication classes and associated ADRs in children: antibiotics, analgesics, and mental health medications. These pharmacogenomic biomarkers all have a compelling rationale for inclusion and were based upon recommendations from FDA and/or Health Canada, Clinical Practice Guidelines, or discovery and replication of research findings in at least three independent populations. Using these robust genomic findings, we will develop three pharmacogenomic panels that possess high analytical validity as well as clinical utility. This product will therefore make the proven benefits of pharmacogenomics accessible to all pediatric patients and their clinicians and pharmacists in Canada. The availability of such tests would provide huge advantages to the thousands of children receiving these frequently prescribed medications every year and will significantly decrease the prevalence of severe and debilitating ADRs related to the most commonly prescribed medications in children.


DSEN-SEARCH: active Surveillance and Evaluation of Adverse Reactions in Canadian Healthcare – CIHR (2011-2014)

The Canadian Pharmacogenomics Network for Drug Safety - Canada Foundation for Innovation/ Canadian Institutes for Health Research (2008-2013)

DSEN-PREVENT: Pharmacogenomics of Adverse Reactions EVEnts Nation-wide Team – CIHR (2011-2014)

Pharmacogenomics of Warfarin Safety and Effectiveness in Children – CIHR (2012-2013)

Honours & Awards

2011 Canadian Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (CSPT) Senior Investigator Award

2009 Award for Clinical Research, CIHR Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health (IHDCYH) for the Best Research Poster: Effectiveness of inhaled corticosteroids in preventing morbidity and mortality in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and the impact of coexisting asthma. Presented at the IHDCYH Scientific Forum, Winnipeg Manitoba, May 2009.

2008 Awards for Clinical Research, Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (CAPHC) and McMaster University Child Health Research Institute for the Best Research Poster: Genotypic Approaches to Therapy in Children: A National ADR Surveillance Network to Study and Prevent Severe Adverse Drug Reactions in Children. Presented at the CAPHC Annual meeting, Edmonton Alberta, October 2008.

Research Group Members

Zazuli Zulfan
Tina-Marie Dryden
Britt Drogemoller
Gabriella Groeneweg, Program Manager
Galen Wright
Jessica Trueman, Research Assistant
Reo Tanoshima
Tessa Bendyshe-Walton
Erandika Prasadani Gunaretnam, Research Technician
Nicole McGoldrick
Miki Tanoshima
Kathy Wan-Chun Chang
Tom Ouellette
Victor Wong, Undergraduate Student
Angeleet Dhanda, Undergraduate Student
Maya Brassard
Tan Toan Le
Catrina Loucks
Kevin Yan
Jennifer Lin
Agnieszka Biala
Ellen Kim, Research Staff