The goal of my research is to understand why certain patients respond positively to a medication, while others receive no benefit, or worse, develop debilitating or life-threatening adverse drug reactions(ADRs) to the same dose of medication. Individual patients respond differently to many medications because of small genetic differences that change the way a medication is metabolised.

By working collaboratively with clinicians and researchers from across Canada and around the world, we have recruited patients that have suffered specific serious ADRs, as well as control patients that have recived the same drugs without ADRs. We use high-throughput genomics and next-generation DNA sequencing technologies to identify the genetic factors of severe ADRs of key clinical importance.

The research involves many approaches from statistical, computational and molecular genetics, to molecular biology, and cell biology. The program’s mission is to translate these findings into new diagnostics that will improve the quality of lives of patients and families by preventing ADRs.


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Canadian Pharmacogenomic Network for Drug Safety (CPNDS)
Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Genome British Columbia

The goal of CPNDS is to prevent adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in childhood by identifying predictive genomic markers for specific ADRs. Within five years, CPNDS intends to incorporate these markers into diagnostic tools that will be used to predict and prevent ADRs in children through specific dosing recommendations for commonly used drugs based on an individual's genetic make-up. The long-term goal for this project is to develop a user-friendly, and effective ADR monitoring tool and national database, to proactively prevent adverse drug reactions in susceptible children.

Specific projects seek to identify the key causal genetic factors of serious ADRs in children, including severe hearing loss caused by cisplatin chemotherapy; a lethal reaction to codeine in newborns and young children, anthracycline-induced heart failure, vincristine-induced peripheral neurotoxicity and drug-induced severe rash.


Pharmacogenetics of Warfarin Safety and Effectiveness in Children Canadian – CIHR (2012-2013)

Champions of Genetics New Investigator Award: Drug Safety Pharmacogenomics Evaluation (SAPHE) Initiative - Canadian Gene Cure Foundation (2012-2014)

Identification of pharmacogenomic variants for the prevention of vincristine-induced neurotoxicity – CIHR (2013-2014)

Honours & Awards

2012 - New Investigator Award, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Research Group Members

Lin-hua Zhang
Britt Drogemoller
Galen Wright
Kristen Gibson
Jafar Hasbullah, Graduate Student
Erandika Prasadani Gunaretnam, Research Technician
Xiaohua Han
Erika Scott