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Current Projects
Improvement in care of children with complex medical issues following orthopedic surgery. We are using quality improvement projects to review the care of these complex patients and identify areas for improvement. Examples include breathing techniques following surgery to reduce post-operative oxygen use and chest infections, antimicrobial stewardship and identifying areas of best practice already used within the hospital and standardizing this across all patients. This work will also include opportunities to train new doctors in Quality Improvement techniques.

Current Projects
Improving the way we diagnose asthma in preschoolers - looking at new techniques and reviewing diagnostic pathways to help us diagnose asthma more effectively in this difficult population.

Current Projects
Improvement in asthma care across the Hospital from ED, asthma clinic and the ward. This project involves improving the way we use standard guidelines for asthma management across all areas of the hospital. By providing a clear discharge plan - used across all clinical areas, we hope to improve patient and family's understanding of how to look after their asthmatic child at home. We are also establishing a BC Provincial Wide Asthma Network - to expand education opportunities for health care professionals, also leading to improved asthma care across the province.

Research Group Members

Rosa Balleny, Medical FLEX Student
Sanja Hadzi Nikolova, Research Assistant
Graham Hill, Clinical Research Assistant
Chadni Khondoker, Research trainee
Baneesh Khosa, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Min Jung Kim, FLEX
Opninder Lindstrom, Provincial Research Coordinator
Joanna Xu, Undergraduate Research Assistant