My research aims to recognize and address gaps in health care and overall wellness among youth marginalized by social structures, such as youth in foster care, indigenous youth, youth experiencing intergenerational poverty, youth with disabilities, LGTBQ2S youth, unstably housed youth, youth affected by substance use, and youth involved in the justice system.


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Substance use and addiction services engagement among vulnerable youth: an ethno-epidemiological study
Working with researcher Danya Fast from the BC Centre for Substance Use, I am the BCCH site principal investigator for this study that aims to understand the perspectives of youth, their caretakers and their health care providers about their journey accessing substance use services over time.

Expanding Pediatric Addiction Medicine Services
Seeking to solicit community and health care provider input and feedback, this project aims to improve care for youth with serious substance use when they present to hospital.

Health Transitions for Youth
Now completed, this qualitative project examined youth aging out of the foster care system in Vancouver and their expression of their health care goals and challenges.


I have received funding from the BC Children’s and Women’s Medical Allied Staff Engagement Society, PHSA Engagement Fund, Vancouver Foundation, Canada Post Foundation and Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program.

Honours & Awards

Award of Excellence for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Team, Runner-up. BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital for The Stabilization Care Team for youth who present with severe / life-threatening substance overdoses, November 4, 2019

John F. McCreary Prize for Interprofessional Teamwork for RICHER (Responsive Interdisciplinary Child Community Health Education and Research) Social Pediatrics Initiative, UBC Health, 2017