Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase I (CPT Ia) is an enzyme that regulates entry of long chain fatty acids into the mitochondria for oxidation. Classic CPT I deficiency is a very rare disorder that presents with hypoketotic hypoglyemia with a risk of sudden unexpected death.

Our research group identified a variant in the CPT Ia gene that is common in BC First Nations. Individuals who are homozygous for the CPT I P479L variant have reduced, but not deficient, CPT I enzyme activity. This CPT I variant, is most prevalent along coastal regions of BC and on Vancouver Island. Approximately 20% of First Nations are homozygous for the CPTI variant along the BC coast compared to 4% in the Interior regions of the province. Every year in BC, ~ 200 babies are born with the CPT I P479L variant. The vast majority of babies with the CPT I variant are healthy and do not develop health problems. However, it is possible the CPT I variant may lead to low blood sugar in some children during long periods of fasting especially when fasting occurs during inter-current illness (fever, vomiting or diarrhea). By investigation of sudden unexpected death (SUD) cases in BC, our research group found an association between the CPT I variant and SUD.


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Current Project
Treatable Intellectual Disability Endeavour (TIDE-BC)
Development of an LC/MS/MS method for amino acid profiling.

Current Project
CPTI variant communications
Development of public health messaging and information for health care providers.

Current Project
Natural history of the CPT I variant in BC First Nations
An anonymized study to evaluate health parameters available in public health databases (PopBC) to expand our knowledge of the natural history the CPT I variant.


Collaborative Area of Innovation Title: TIDE BC Treatable Intellectual Disability Endeavour in B.C. (TIDE-BC) ~ $2.25M. PI: Stockler S Co-Investigators: Dr. Jean-Paul Collet, Dr. Clara van Karnebeek, Dr. Carlo Marra, Dr. Hilary Vallance and Dr. Wyeth Wasserman. (2011-2014).

Children's and Women's Health Center: Telethon fund Title: Defining the clinical risks associated with CPT1a p.P479L homozygosity in children from BC First Nations ~ $22,000. Coinvestigators: Arbour L. (2011-2013)

CIHR Emerging Team Grant Title: Emerging team in rare diseases: Achieving the 'triple aim' for inborn errors of metabolism ~ $1,490,492. (2012-2017).

Honours & Awards

Dr. Parminder Singh Award, British Columbia Pediatric Society — 2011