As site Principle Investigator for the Centre for International Bone Marrow Transplant Research (CIBMTR) group, my interests are focused on co-operative, inter-disciplinary programmes aimed at tackling the varied challenges presented by pediatric oncology and hematology patients.

My background in engineering and current experience as a U.S. Naval Flight Surgeon underlines my interest in human factor analysis and risk management within the practice of medicine. In an effort to reduce risk in health management to its lowest possible level, the naval aviation community's use of the "best practice" process to effectively identify, analyze and eliminate or help control a hazard can successfully be applied to our daily endeavors in medicine and will provide insight and options to our practices.


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A study of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) in non-malignant disease using a reduced-intensity preparatory regime with campath-H, fludarabine and malphalan
It is hoped that this study will provide evidence that a preparative regimen consisting of a combination of campath-H, fludarabine and malphalan will maximize host immunosuppression without myeloablation, while being well tolerated and sufficient for engraftment of donor hemopoietic cells when minimally mismatched from the recipient or acquired from unrelated sources. It is postulated that this combination will allow for the gradual transition from recipient chimerism to full donor chimerism with minimal early and delayed toxicity to the recipient. The target is children with non-malignant diseases who are benefited by transplantation and for whom myeloablation is not necessary.

Demonstration of human safety & physician acceptance of a unique spinal injection safety system (SISS)
The inadvertent administration of the wrong drug, by the spinal or epidural route, often with catastrophic results, continues to occur in medical practice. Several Canadian and world reports have demonstrated the tragic consequences in all medical fields utilizing spinal therapies, including oncology, anaesthesiology, and obstetrics. Specific recent cases of death as a result of the maladministration of vinca alkaloids into the spine have been reported widely. We have redesigned the spinal needle and system around intrathecal administration of medications and in this study we propose to implement the spinal injection safety system (SISS) in clinical practice. Through evaluating the SISS we will determine its safety attributes for pediatric patients receiving spinal chemotherapy and whether or not it meets the practice expectations of physicians. We also seek to significantly reduce the net risk of patient harm through inadvertent human error during the spinal drug administration procedure as well as be cost-effective in comparison to current practices.

Honours & Awards

Bruce W Jackson Memorial Award for the Reserve Flight Surgeon of the Year, The Society of United States Naval Flight Surgeons - 2014

Rookie of the Year Attending Award, University of British Columbia Residents - 1992