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The role of T regulatory (Treg) cells in control and remission of JIA.
This study is looking at Treg function in the blood and synovial fluid of children with JIA at different disease states (active, inactive on medications, inactive off medications). The study will evaluate whether there is dysregulation in Treg function that may predict who is in true remission and who may be at increased risk of disease flare.

Predictors of outcomes in pediatric ANCA associated vasculitis.
This study will build on the previous study listed above. Clinical characteristics at baseline will be evaluated as potential predictors of outcome and models will be built so see if a combination of features may better predict certain outcomes compared to individual baseline characteristics.

Early outcomes in pediatric antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA) associated vasculitis (AAV): A Pediatric Vasculitis Initiative (PedVas) Study.
This study reported on 6- and 12-month outcomes in 79 children with AAV. Outcomes included remission rates, relapse rates, medication usage, damage, and rates of dialysis dependence. This was the largest study to date reporting early outcomes in this group of patients.


Training Grants: Canada Graduate Scholarship Master's Award, CIHR, 2010-2011. $17,500. UBC Clinical Investigator Program, 2010-2011. $70,000.

Research Grants: Clinical Translational Research Seed Grant, CFRI, 2014-2015. $5000.

Honours & Awards

Future Leaders in Rheumatology Training (FLIRT) Program. Nominated by peers to participate in this 2-year program. Canadian Rheumatology Association. 2012-2014.

Graduate Entrance Scholarship, University of British Columbia, 2011.

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Angelyne Rivera, Research Manager , Research Manager