One in thirty-three children is born with a major birth defect. The causes are mostly unknown, but in rare cases may be due to a viral infection during pregnancy. We plan to use a new technology to check for all known viruses at once, using amniotic fluid from affected pregnancies. Preterm birth is the largest cause of infant mortality in Canada. We plan to use the same technology to look for viruses as triggers of preterm birth.

Adams Oliver syndrome features scalp defects and amputation-like defects of the limbs, in addition to a host of blood vessel-related problems. We have found new changes in 2 genes that cause this condition and are searching for more as a genetic cause is found in less than 20% of patients. We are also pursuing mechanistic studies to better understand how to improve the blood vessel problems, some of which can be fatal.


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Adams-Oliver Syndrome
PubMed: 27077170


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