My research focuses on improvement of transfusion medicine practices, particularly as they apply to pediatric patients.


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Current Projects
Neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (NAIT) is a blood disease in newborns which develops when the pregnant mother produces antibodies that destroy the newborns' platelets. According to current guidelines, NAIT should be treated by transfusing a certain type of platelets (HPA-1a negative platelets). However, the availability of HPA-1a negative platelets is limited. I am currently conducting a study to determine if transfusion with random donor platelets is effective in treating NAIT.

Red blood cells are frequently transfused in acute care institutions for the management of anemia, however research has shown that approximately 30% of red cell transfusions may be inappropriate. Red blood cells are derived from voluntary human donors and represent a precious medical resource. Transfusions also carry risks to the recipient, some of which may lead to morbidity and even mortality. I am participating in a quality study to assess the appropriateness of medical red cell transfusions.