My research focuses on improving the understanding of how chromosomal abnormalities result in an abnormal phenotype (e.g. cancer, malformations, or intellectual disability). I am also interested in the applications of genomics to the area of clinical diagnosis.


2011/9-2016/9 Rare Obesity Disorders Informing Common Disease, CIHR Operating Grant; Co-investigator (PI: William Gibson)

2010/9-2011/9 Rare Obesity Disorders Informing Common Disease, CIHR Operating Grant INMD Start-up Funds; Co-investigator (PI: William Gibson)

Research Group Members

Tanya Burke, Team Lead
Mark Canning, Medical Laboratory Technologist
David Chai, Clinical Laboratory Technologist
Tommy Cheng, Lab Technologist
Katrina Govier, Lab Tech 3
May He, Technical Practice Lead
Kathryn Hepburn, cytogenetics technologist
Amanda Lieu, BCIT student
Candy Ma, Lab Technologist
Duda Markovic, Lab Assistant
Susan Maunders, Technologist
Renata Moore, Clerk
Gavin Munday, Lab Technologist
Wing Mung, Cytogenetics Technologist
Jimmy Nguyen, BCIT Student:BCIT Student
Kristie Smith, Cytogenetics Technologist
Tenzin Sperl, Clinical Trainee
Emma Strong, Pathology Fellow
Bonnie Tsang, Technical Coordinator