My research focuses on three principal areas:

Clinical outcomes and innovation in the treatment of pediatric hydrocephalus: BC Children’s Hospital is one of only two Canadian centres in the Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network

Outcomes, novel therapies and imaging findings in concussion and mild traumatic brain injury: as a researcher in the Canada North Concussion Network, a Winnipeg-based consortium, we are investigating novel imaging techniques to diagnose and monitor recovery from concussion

Bioethics/Neuroethics: I conduct research in various aspects of bioethics as it relates to neurosurgery including conflicts of interest in neurosurgical research, ethical issues in fetal surgery for spina bifida and the role of ethics education in neurosurgery training


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Current Projets
Conflicts of interest in neurosurgical research- we are determining the scope and disclosure of financial conflicts of interest in published neurosurgical research.

Current Projects
Novel neuro-imaging assessment of cerebrovascular reactivity and default-mode networks in adolescent sports-related concussion- we are attempting to develop an MRI based test to give an objective measure of recovery following sports related concussion.

Current Projects
Targeting the CSF microbiota to optimize CSF shunt infection treatment- we are analyzing the spinal fluid in children with shunts used to treat hydrocephalus in order to determine the best way to prevent and manage shunt infections.


Targeting the CSF microbiota to optimize CSF shunt infection treatment Source: National Institutes of Health (NINDS)- USA Role: Local Principal Investigator

A randomized controlled trial of anterior versus posterior entry site for cerebrospinal fluid shunt insertion 2015-2018 Source: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Grant #CER-1403013857 Role: Local Principal Investigator

Honours & Awards

University of Manitoba Outreach Award

Research Group Members

Anahat Sahota, Medical Student