Timely and accurate diagnosis of infectious agents is of the utmost importance in treating pediatric patients. I am interested in exploring how new technologies can be applied to improve the diagnosis of infectious disease and enable the best possible care of children.


Current Projects
Early and accurate diagnosis of respiratory and central nervous system infections can lead to improved outcomes and earlier discharges, yet identification methods for such diseases are commonly available for only a limited number of infectious agents. Next generation sequencing (NGS) technology has shown promise for detection of a huge range of human pathogens from biological samples. I have been involved as a co-investigator in a pilot study examining a new lab process for NGS for the comprehensive detection of bacterial and viral pathogens in pediatric respiratory and cerebrospinal fluid samples.


Principal Investigator R Hasan. Application of Next Generation Sequencing to the diagnosis of respiratory illness in critically ill children.

B.C. Children’s Hospital Telethon Grant Competition. $29,869 Sept 2012.