Biostatistics Services

Study Design, Methodology & Statistics

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute provides support for investigators conducting clinical research. Consultants assist with research project development, study design and methodology, statistical analysis and data management.

The Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU) consultants help plan studies to ensure that research questions can be answered from a statistical point of view. Biostatistics consultation encompasses study design and the accompanying statistical analysis. 

Statistical analysis involves estimating parameters to be used in calculating sample size and power. Services include descriptive, inferential, and exploratory analyses, and model building using multiple and multivariate techniques to estimate risk factors for various outcomes. 

The CRSU also provides randomization schedules for various designs, interpretation and explanation of results, and graphing of results. Besides conducting the data analyses, the biostatisticians provide advice for those who prefer to do the analysis themselves, including advice on selecting statistical software, as well as troubleshooting problems running statistical programs.

For substantial involvement by the biostatistician, the statistician should be included as co-author. This is independent of the cost recovery nature of all services provided by the research institute.

Our consultants strive to have the initial meeting with you within a week. You are invited to email your protocol (if available; even a rough draft) in advance of your meeting. If the research project is for a trainee (fellow, graduate student), the principal investigator should attend the first meeting.


Mr. Boris Kuzeljevic
CRSU Consultant, Statistician / Methodologist / Database Developer
Phone: 604-875-2000 ext. 6814

Mr. Kuzeljevic consults on research methodologies, database design, and data analysis, and can contribute to publication by writing up results and the statistics methodology used.

Dr. Rollin Brant
Senior Academic Advisor, Statistics