I am a researcher genetic counsellor interested in the application of new genetic and genomic technocology. More specifically, I am interested in understanding the best ways to provide education, decision support and genetic counselling to families being offered genomic sequencing. Another area of my research is in helping clinicians to understand genomic testing and its implications.


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Current Project
The Friedman Lab, and I are interested in studying the introduction of new genetic and genomic technology years including Chromosomal Microarray, and Genomic Sequencing, and how it can best be used for the benefit of our patients and their families.

Through a number of different qualitative and quantitative research studies with various stakeholders involved in genome-wide sequencing, we have gained an understanding of the issues involved in families' decisions regarding genomic testing, and been involved in the establishment of guidelines for Canadian healthcare professionals in the offering of this test. As genetic counselling resources are scarce and non-genetics healthcare professionals often too busy or unable to adequately prepare families for the implications of genomic sequencing, we have developed DECIDE, an online, interactive educational tool and decision-aid designed to improve families’ understanding of issues surrounding genome-wide sequencing, and help support their choices. Use of such decision-aids has been shown to promote informed decisions that are consistent with the users’ values. We are studying the efficacy and acceptability of DECIDE for families’ genomic testing decisions. We are also measuring the outcomes for those who choose genomic testing, including psychological benefit or burden, the impact on quality of life, empowerment, and the ability to adapt and cope for parents and other family members.

I am also involved in CAUSES (Clinical Assessment of the Utility of Sequencing and Evaluation as a Service) clinic, which offers genomic sequencing to 500 patients with previously undiagnosed, but suspected to be genetic conditions. By identifying the underlying cause, this test can provide specific information about what to expect in the future and access to targeted therapies that can improve the health of these children with rare genetic diseases. This testing is not available as a clinical test for most patients in BC who need it, hence the goal of our research is to gather the evidence needed to transition this testing to a clinical service. The integrated multidisciplinary program includes a health economics study, assessment of the psychological and psychosocial impact of the testing process and research into various different modalities of offering patient education and genetic counselling including telehealth, an online decision aid and standard genetic counselling.

I am also involved with members of the Division of Neurology in a project to use whole exome sequencing (WES) technology with analysis of a targeted panel of genes known to be associated with epilepsy, to provide a faster and more cost-effective mean of diagnosis and treatment in children with epilepsy of unknown cause. We will also be assessing the use of an on-line education and counselling tool to simplify the genetic counselling.


Title: OPTIONS Amount: $25,000 Role: Co-investigator Dates: 2013-10 to 2014-12 Agency: APOGEE-Net/CanGène, University of Laval, Quebec, Canada

Title: Development and evaluation of a decision aid for genomic sequencing Amount: $25,000 Role: Co-investigator Dates: 2012-10 to 2013-12 Agency: APOGEE-Net/CanGène, University of Laval, Quebec, Canada

Title: Pediatric Epilepsy: Using Genomics to Improve Patient Care and Outcomes Amount: $100,000 Role: Co-investigator Dates: 2014-12 to 2017-12 Agency: Alva Foundation

Title: DECIDE-Genomics: a decision support tool for families Amount: $3,500 Role: Co-investigator Dates: 2013-12 to 2015-12 Agency: Rare Diseases Foundation

Title: Next generation sequencing: Towards guidelines for reporting incidental findings Amount: $25,000 Role: Co-investigator Dates: 2010-8 to 2012-4 Agency: APOGEE-Net/CanGène, University of Laval, Quebec, Canada

Research Group Members

Alice Wang
Christele du Souich, Investigator, BC Children's Hospital
Patricia Birch, Research Manager, Investigator, BC Children's Hospital, Research Nurse
Jan Friedman, Investigator, BC Children's Hospital
Liza Mak
Hilal Al Shekaili
Jill Mwenifumbo, Bioinformatician
Nicolas Dragojlovic
Suvina To
Madeline Couse
Rachel Coe
Sura Alwan
Megan Chan, Student
Colleen Guimond, Genetic Counsellor
Indhu Shree Rajan Babu
Elisa Lau
Nicole Liang, Research Assistant