My research involves the treatment and prevention childhood obesity and diabetes. As rates of childhood obesity increase, type 2 diabetes in children, a disease that was previously seen only in the adults, will continue to increase. Obesity is the single most important risk factor for the development of type 2 diabetes and therefore, I am interested in developing and evaluating community-based programs designed to prevent childhood obesity. Also, I am interested in developing and evaluating innovative ways to provide the health services necessary for children with diabetes in order to optimize their care and prevent long term complications of this disease.


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Current projects
I recently completed a national surveillance study for Non-type 1 diabetes mellitus in Canadian children
One of the most striking findings in the national surveillance study for type 2 diabetes was that 95% of Canadian children with T2DM are obese. Therefore, obesity is the single most important risk factor for T2DM. As a result, I am currently leading SCOPE: Sustainable Childhood Obesity Prevention through Community Engagement, a project rooted in the principles of community based participation. SCOPE is a community-based, multi-sectoral childhood obesity prevention project that addresses the mid- and up-stream determinants of health and incorporates the unique characteristics of BC populations. SCOPE will be piloted in the cities of Prince George and Abbotsford.

I am also working closely with Child Health BC to develop a provincial pediatric diabetes program in British Columbia. Recognizing the importance of evaluating and reporting the impact of new models of care, I will use existing provincial and national databases to determine if this provincial pediatric model of diabetes care will improve clinical (i.e. diabetes control, reduction of complications) and non-clinical outcomes (i.e. school performance, psychosocial outcomes) in children with diabetes.


CIHR Operating Grant: Knowledge to Action - Project: "Tele-SCOPE - Translation, Evaluation and Learnings Exchanged for Sustainable Childhood Obesity Prevention Through Community Engagement."

Honours & Awards

Restracomp Fellowship Appointment—2007/08 Salary support during a second year of research fellowship in Paediatric Endocrinology Amount: $40,000

Rookie of the Year, Department Of Pediatrics, BC Children’s Hospital- 2009

Canadian Society For Clinical Investigation Canadian Institutes Of Research (Csci/Cihr) Resident Research Prize —2004

Resident Clinical Teaching Award, Child Health at the Health Sciences Center and University of Manitoba — 2003-2004

Resident Teaching Award, University of Manitoba — 2003-2004

Hoffman Laroche Canadian Paediatric Endocrinology Fellowship Research Award — 2006/07 Salary support during a year of research fellowship in Paediatric Endocrinology Amount: $60,000

Pediatric Resident Regional Research Competition — Winner 2004

Perls Teaching Award, Department Of Pediatrics, The Hospital For Sick Children —2008

Pediatric Resident National Research Competition — Winner 2004

Canucks for Kids Fund Catalyst Grant- 2013

Research Group Members

Kiana Yau
Aysha Ayub
Selina Suleman
Lynn Kennedy, Masters Student
Susan Pinkney
Shelly Keidar, E2i Research Coordinator
Kimberly Charbonneau
Samia El Joueidi
Caris Tze
Zahraa Hawili
Silke Hansen, Research Assistant
Kelly Banh, SCOPE Research Assistant