Dr. Gregory Gloor, Principal Investigator

The Sequencing and Bioinformatics Node is based out of the University of Western Ontario in London. Directed by Dr. Gregory Gloor, this Node has a proven track-record in the field of microbiota analysis using next-generation sequencing platforms and the associated bioinformatics analysis. In addition, Dr. Gloor has developed and used computational and mutational approaches to study the question of protein sequence coevolution. 

In particular relevance to MIMI:

  • Established methodology for microbiota analysis using multiplex Illumina sequencing.
  • Working collaborations and experience in the field of vaginal microbiome analysis.
  • Expertise in the development and use of bioinformatics tools to analyze large-scale sequencing data generated by next-gen methodologies. 

For more information, visit the Gloor Lab.

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