My primary area of research is in medical education and physician wellness, investigating systemic changes and interventions that may affect resident and staff physician wellness and resilience. My research helps support my work as a clinical educator in the Division of Adolescent Health and Medicine. I also conduct clinical research within vulnerable and marginalized populations, including refugee and migrant youth and youth who identify as LGBTQ.


Medical Education and Physician Wellness
I am currently looking at the effect of Balint groups on resident physician sense of self-efficacy and self-regulation, which is a component of the CanMEDS Professional role. This project is currently being expanded to staff physicians as well. I am also supervising a resident quality improvement project looking at increasing the completion of work-based assessments for pediatric resident physicians on CTU.

Vulnerable Populations
I am am concluding a qualitative case study investigating the perspectives of homeless refugee youth and staff at a shelter in Toronto on what they feel are contributing factors to the youth's mental health and resilience. I am also supervising a resident research project surveying Canadian pediatricians' perspectives on their comfort level providing care to trans-identified and gender variant youth.